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Metro Motions Review

Metro Motions 78a Review

Metro is a skater owned company managed by none other than Buddy Carr. They offer four freeride wheels: the Motion, Links, Spyders and Micro Motions. … [Read More]

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Video: Mids Boys Huff Jenkem

C’mon all the cool skaters are doing it ! Watch Pete, Matt, and Mac make it to the bottom of this hectic arrangement of curves and corners.


POSTPONED: Superstoker- Sanctioned Downhill and Freeride

  EDIT: EVENT IS POSTPONED Message from Event Organizer: “Hey Guys I have some really bad news. I just got off the phone with the director of the parks and rec board. Despite granting us the sanction permit to use the roads for this Sunday, the Parks and Rec board has today decided not to […]

Max Allesandri skating the all new "Chakra". Photo: Ross Earhart

Matt Burke: Blue Sky Longboards

Matt Burke, founder of Blue Sky Longboards, located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania has been skating since before you were born. Active in the skate community since 1971, Matt has been heavily involved in skateboard related charity fundraising and has spent the last four years growing his board company with the help of his son Noah. “Pushing […]


Zach Viele: The Pucks

Zach Viele, Team rider for Faceplant Boardriders and Wheelrz is 21 years old from Lake George, NY. He has been actively manufacturing his own slide pucks for almost 2 years now and has gained a tremendous following. “The Pucks” are created from UHMW polyurethane and are backed by some of the gnarliest team riders around […]

Metro Motions Review

Metro Motions 78a Review

Metro is a skater owned company managed by none other than Buddy Carr. They offer four freeride wheels: the Motion, Links, Spyders and Micro Motions. I got the chance to get a hold of the set of 78a yellow Metro Motions to skate, and I can definitely say that they’re a killer wheel! I was […]

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Video: Raw Run-Mike Girard

Mike Girard, A.K.A Dad, went real fast on his skateboard the other day, in fact, nearly triple the posted speed limit. Mike is the organizer of the beloved Central Mass skate festivals and as you can see here he not only talks the talk, but he most certainly walks the walk. Watch here as Mike […]


Rob Wheeler: Faceplant Boardriders, Wheelrz, and Event Organizer

Brothers Ricky and Rob Wheeler have been further progressing the longboard industry with Faceplant Boardriders, Wheelrz Wheels, and active involvement in hosting events. Passionately involved in skating, surfing, and snowboarding, these guys love to shred all types of terrain. Initially inspired by their passion for board sports, Ricky and Rob strive to get people stoked […]

Bethlehem Freeride Competition

Bethlehem Freeride Competition – 6/21

Following the Second Annual Skate for Peace Bethlehem, PA will play host to the Bethlehem Freeride Competition on June 21. After clear success from previously held events, Faceplant Boardriders brings you the 2nd stop on the Mid-Atlantic Freeride Series. With 100% approval from the Bethlehem community, the event will take place at High St. directly in the […]


Second Annual Skate for Peace – 5/24

    Following last year’s success, Brian Fitch’s Skate for Peace Charity event, in partnership with KidsPeace National Centers, Faceplant Boardriders, and WheelRZ, is back for round two on Saturday, May 24. Not only will you be helping a charitable cause (with 50% of the proceeds going to KidsPeace National Centers), but you will also get […]

t-cat design featured image

Tristan Burke: T-Cat Design

Tristan Burke, 21 years old of Umass Amherst is a shredder! Riding for Lifelong Longboards, Team Mids, Eden Racing, and perpetually down with all things East Coast, this dude can skate. Aside from skating, Tristan has always had a love for art as well and this has led to his new project called: T-Cat Designs. […]