Video: Lauren Suchocki and Douglass Schmidt Battle Centars in Western MA

While the title isn’t true, hopefully it got your attention. Deep in the hills of Western Massachusetts we do find Lauren Suchocki and Douglass Schmidt battling a gnarly downhill run with what looks like an incredibly fun set of hairpins.

While we’ve seen some GoPro footage from Lauren and some others from this spot before, this is by far the best edit done there yet. Schmidt is once again showing his constantly progressing camera and editing skills in a quick yet fun and well done edit (they shot this just two days ago).

Since most people care, Douglass is riding a Lifelong Seeker with 176mm Surf-Rodz RKPs and 81a ABEC11 Flashbacks and Lauren is riding a Rayne Babykiller with 176mm Surf-Rodz RKPs and 80a Orangatang Stimulus wheels.

Merry Christmas & Give Away Winner!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Skate The East!

As we promised, we’ve selected the winner of our Never Enough Presents Give Away and man are we excited! The response on our Facebook Page was absolutely unreal, thanks so much to everyone that took the time to enter! We’re stoked that people got so excited and are going to be running more contests in the future, so if you didn’t win this time be sure to keep your eyes peeled for another chance soon!

Without further adieu the winner is Nikolos Robinson from New York! Nikolos, you’ve got 24 hours to contact us ( and claim your prize, otherwise we’ll draw another name and announce a new winner tomorrow.

Thanks again for everyone who entered and showed support! We’ve got a lot more in store for the future so make sure you check back often!

New Year’s Eve Slide Jam — Niceville, FL

While it continues to get colder throughout most of the East (although this past week has had some unseasonably warm days which we’re stoked about) Florida continues to hold down the competition scene, making good use of their nearly perfect year-round weather. With most of the attention focusing in on the King of Clermont race coming up in January, the New Year’s Eve Slide Jam ,which is going down in Niceville (about 2.5 hours west of Tallahassee and 1hr 15mins from Pensacola), has flown under the radar a bit.

The jam itself will start at around 12:00 noon and will run till around 4 or 4:30PM. People will be meeting up on Mansfield Street in Niceville, so make sure you show up a little early to get a good idea of where everyone is and make sure you’re registered, which brings us to our next point. The registration cost is at least 2 cans of non-perishable food to be donated to the local Sharing and Caring program to help feed those less fortunate. Many times donations like this cease or slow once Christmas and Hanukah are over, so we’re pumped to see the longboard scene continue to give back to the community as a whole, spreading the stoke in a completely different fashion, right on!

Prizes are going to the top 3 hard and soft wheel riders as well as prizes for best trick and longest slide. They’re also offering up a special prize for whoever beings the most cans of food, and judging by the sponsor list I’m betting it’ll be something very sweet. Our friends at Organgatang Wheels and Sketch Skateboards have signed on as sponsors in addition to others such as Randall Trucks, Original Skateboards, and Edge Boardshop, Uncle Funky’s and a few more.

Last but not least is the fact that both helmet and gloves are required. While gloveless seems to be a growing trend, make sure you remember to pack ’em or you’ll be sorry come competition time :-/. While gloves can be option so long as you’re skating within your limits, a helmet never should be. It only takes one fall to crack you head open and change your life dramatically, so strap that lid on!

The competition sounds like it should be a bunch of fun and feature some the Florida panhandle’s best skaters. There’s also going to be some big sessions going down between Christmas and New Years in Pensacola which you should also keep your eye out for. I know at least one northern skater who we’ve posted about here before, Chris O’Brien, is going to make the trek down, so there should be a diverse group of people riding! You can find more information on the Facebook Event or the Pensacola Longboarding group.

Video: East Coast Cookin’ with the Swag Shuffle

While we’re still running our give-away, where you can enter to win a set of Orangatang 80a Stimulus wheels, we figured we’d return to our regular programming and bring you a little TGIF/East Coast video steez.

Friend of the site Mike Girard sent me the final version of his edit from his time back home shredding with Norman Plante and Eric Roth over Thanksgiving. Mike posted a teaser on his Tumblr a little while back showing some absolutely steezy swaged out standies but now we’ve got the whole thing. Sure enough, as promised, Mike and his boys went hard, swaging so hard even the Based God Lil B himself would be proud.

Make sure to keep an eye on Eden Racing’s Norman Plante, he absolutely shreds, making shuv-its and big standees look toooooo easy.

Don’t forget to head over to our Facebook Page to enter the chance to win a set of 80a Stimulus wheels from Skate The East and Orangatang!

1st Annual “Never Enough Presents Give-Away”

Alright folks, as we promised we’re going to run our first give-away now that we met our goal of 450 likes on our Facebook page today. While at first we figured it would take well into the week, the amount of support we received was almost overwhelming and helped us reach our goal before the end of the night! We recently teamed up with the Loaded Boards and Orangatang Wheels family to bring you this contest as well as a bunch of exciting content in the future. A big props to all the guys and gals over there!

As promised, since we hit our target of 450 likes on Facebook I’m going to release the details of the contest. We’re calling it the “Never Enough Presents Give-Away” and are offering up a set of Orangatang 80a Stimulus wheels to one lucky winner. We’re in the process of seeing if we can also work out a second and third place prize, but will keep you updated with more details as to whether or not we can.

Since it’s our first contest we decided to keep it simple. To enter all you have to do is:

  1. Like Skate The East, Loaded Boards, and Orangatang Wheels on Facebook.
  2. Use the “Share” button to share this post with your friends.
  3. Say something creative and tag Skate The East, Loaded Boards, and Orangatang Wheels in your status.

Make sure you read on for the fine-print!


We’ll be tracking entries based on the tags we get in posts, so make sure you do step #3! You’ll have until 12:00AM on December 25th (in other-words midnight Christmas Eve) EST to enter the contest and the winner will be announced both via our Facebook  Page and here on Skate The East at 12:00PM (noon) on Christmas Day. The winner will have 24 hours to claim his/her prize, otherwise another winner will be selected and given 24 hours to claim. If we don’t reach 40 “shares” on Facebook the contest will be void and will run again after the holiday — we want to make sure there’s a fair chance for everyone to win.

Good luck to everyone and a merry Christmas and Chanukah to all!

In Brief: 2011 South Beach Bomb Goes Off in Miami

The 2011 South Beach Bomb in Miami, Florida went off Saturday with around 200 riders storming the most famous beach in the world, riding 6.7 miles down the coast. While I couldn’t make it myself (and oh man did I want to) I did my best to imagine I was there by cranking up the heat in my room and patiently watching Twitter updates from some of the Bustin’ crew who made their way down as well as the Florida skaters that were representing hard.

Before the race Salomon tweeted that traffic was sketchy and Florida skaters were out in numbers which sounded like a mix that would be sure to make for a fun event. One of our fans on Facebook tipped us off to some great photos of the event, which I’m reposting below. They were originally tweeted by Lacko Illustration‘s Twitter account Lackostration and all copyright credit goes to him, props for sharing with us though!

If you were at the South Beach Bomb and have a more pictures, video, or a more in-depth write-up that you want to share e-mail me: mike [at] along with a short blurb about yourself.

And for those of you who haven’t heard…we’re getting ready to announce our first give-away as soon as our Facebook Page reaches 450 likes! Make sure you’re a fan of us on Facebook and share our post with your friends, the sooner we hit 450 likes the sooner we can announce the contest and get it started. Who doesn’t want a chance to win some sweet gear? Spread the word so we can help spread the stoke!

Bustin's Will Royce and Cami Best pre-race

Nice sized pack!

Miami Khauna swag, pushing isn't for everyone

Another shot of the pack from behind

Video: Chris O’Brien Rider Profile

This week we introduce Chris O’Brien into the mix with his rider profile that he and his crew — TeamTangy — put together. It’s a nice mix between skating and interview, letting you get to know Chris a little bit in addition to seeing him shred. It’s another example of the high-quality videos we’ve seen coming out of the tri-state area lately. It doesn’t look like Chris is sponsored by anyone yet, although if his skills keep progressing at this pace I’m sure it won’t be too long before someone picks him up.

If you missed it, you can always catch the 2 for Tuesday post we did last week with two videos from CT native and Original team rider Billy Wilson.

King of Clermont 2012 — Jan 14-15

It’s a good couple months to be in Florida if you’re a longboarder living on the East Coast. As the weather gets colder and the rain starts to turn into sleet and snow skate season is quickly fleeting for many of us here on the Right Coast but Florida is here to the rescue. Not only is the South Beach Bomb 2011 going down in Miami this weekend, King of Clermont will be back a few months earlier this year to get you psyched for the competitions that will pick back up in late March/April and prove that you haven’t lost those skills since the summer. This year they’re adding more hay bails to the course (which was a problem last year, apparently) and they rented a U-Haul truck to get everyone back to the top even faster, as Charlie Sheen would say, “#winnging.”

This year’s competition will feature two full days of absolutely gnarly skating. Day one will feature a slide jam with prizes for Biggest Air, Best Trick, and a game of “Kick the Can,” in addition to a Gnar Slalom event. Day two will be the fastest day of racing in Florida as the 3 division Downhill Race takes place.

Registration is $30 for 1 day and $50 for both. There is a strict cap of 125 riders so register early, once the event fills up there’s not much you can do about it and you’re not gonna wanna miss out. The race will be held at the Hampton Golf and Country Club on Sugarloaf Mountain  (1455 Mountain Club Drive, Clermont, FL 34715) with camping nearby at Bee’s RV Resort.

Sponsors are nearly endless since this is the only downhill competition in Florida and has proven to be quite awesome. Bustin’, Rayne, ABEC-11, Vicious Grip Tape, Bern, Gullwing Trucks and many more have signed on — meaning you’ll have a good chance of winning some sweet gear in raffles if you don’t end up placing high enough to win.

Of course, a helmet is required and you must have a signed waiver to skate. If you’re seen without a helmet you’ll be asked to leave — so don’t be that guy! More information can be found on the King of Clermont website.

Check out the full race schedule below which we found thanks to Bustin’:

Saturday January 14th 2012
9:00am – Rider meeting and registration
11:00am – Hill opens for freeride (MUST be registered before riding)
12:00pm Gnar Slalom
2:00pm – Hard Wheel slide comp (30 min Jam Session)
2:30pm – Soft Wheel slide comp (30 min Jam Session)
3:00pm – Kick the Can AKA Longest Slide
3:30pm – Biggest Air
4:00pm – Hill open for freeride
6:00pm – Hill closed

Sunday January 15th 2012
9:00am – Rider meeting and registration
10:00am – Hill open for practice (MUST be registered before riding)
12:00pm – First heat begins
3:00pm – Finals *Hill closed for riding after finals*
4:00pm – Awards

Registration will be as follows:
Open (17 and above)
Grom (16 and below)

If you pay for single day freeride you are registered for ALL events but are not obligated to participate in every event.

Video: 2 for Tuesday in Connecticut

Alright folks, instead of just posting one video to brighten your days I figured we’ll have even more fun and make it a “2 for Tuesday” with two videos featuring the prototype Original Apex 40 (set to be released Friday?!). East Coasters and Original Team Riders Billy Wilson (of CT) and Michael Virgin (of OH) are two younger riders who have been tearing up the freestyle and free ride scene this past summer and fall and don’t look to be stopping anytime soon. While skating at a local spot the other day I ran into Billy for the first time who came tearing down the hill out of no where bustin out buttery toe and heelside standies as if they were absolutely nothing. As impressive as his free ride skills are, however, Billy’s even better when it comes to steezy freestyle tricks, showing how versatile his prototype Apex 40 really is (check out a picture at the bottom). Michael Virgin is another Original Team Rider and while we haven’t met he shows his free ride skills all throughout their edit from the Broadway Bomb Weekend.

Billy was also telling me that he nailed a 70-foot standup slide the other day, he posted the video last night and can’t say much other than daaaaaaaaaaaamn. Check it:

With only one full season under their belts I can’t wait to see how they progress with more practice and time spent on their boards. As always let us know what you think in the comments below (now powered by Facebook!), our Twitter account, or over on our Facebook Page.

South Beach Bomb 2011 — 12/10 in Miami, Florida

Listen up folks, while it’s the slow season for competitions and slide jams, it doesn’t mean you can’t find any. Especially in a place like always sunny South Beach in Miami, Florida. The push race that has been growing at a steady clip over the past few years is back again to provide you with a great group skate right in the dead of winter. So far 162 people have responded to the Facebook event, but with another week and the Miami Longboard Crew’s Facebook page at over 1,200 members deep, I have a feeling they’ll be able to break at least 200.  The event has been causing a lot of talk up and down the east coast and will even have some of the Bustin’ Boards crew down there to skate and rep the Northeast!

This year they changed the course a little bit to make for an even more epic event. This year it will start by heading south on Abbott Ave until it mergest with Indian Creek Drive, which later becomes Collins Ave. Once on Collins you continue until Lincoln Road, make a right and a hard left onto Washington Ave and it’s an all out sprint to the finish so be ready to PUSH FAST! If that was confusing take a look at the map below — it might also be worth it to take a practice run before the race at some point to make sure you know the route well and don’t get lost.

It’s going to start promptly at 12:00PM on Saturday, December 10th and is FREE for everyone (yay!). Afterwards there’ll be a party, awards and prizes on the beach (uh…epic), something you surely won’t want to miss. You’ll be able to enjoy the company of a bunch of amazing skaters and cool off right away in the ocean, sounds like the best of both worlds to me. Helmet isn’t required but is highly recommended. Just like the Broadway Bomb NO SKITCHING!

Sponsors include Bustin’ Boards, Longboard Loft NYC, Gullwing Trucks, Comet Skateboards, Rat Rod NYC and more being added so there’ll be prizes galore without a doubt. More information can be found over at their Facebook event.

View South Beach Bomb! in a larger map