Update on site progress

Quick update on the progress of the website thus far. I’ve upgraded the blog to BuddyPress, a plugin for WordPress that allows users to create profiles, add friends, and create groups with their own discussion boards. Registering will allow you to participate in everything Skate The East.net intends to offer and is absolutely free, you’ve got nothing to lose. Hopefully this will help organize skate sessions, find partners to shred with, and share sweet local spots.

You might also notice that a link to the Forum has been added to the navigation on the top right. While the link is active, the forum is currently still under construction and is subject to change. I’m looking for an easy way to mesh the registration here on Skate The East.net and the forum so you don’t have to register twice. Long story short: I advise staying away from the forums until another post gives the official go-ahead, otherwise your posts might get deleted if we change software.

So, just to clarify in case you didn’t read all of that: everything but the forum is fully functional. Register, start adding friends, invite your friends, and help spread the word. The movement has just begun.

Skate The East.

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