Castle Craig Slide Session — Meriden, CT July 3rd

With the ‘Crete Bash taking place on Friday (tomorrow!) and Saturday your July 4th weekend Sunday is missing some action. Until now, that is. Last night the guys over at NSA announced they were organizing another Castle Craig Slide Session for this Sunday, July 3rd. Last time we did this, on Go Skateboarding Day, we had 13 people show up and some absolutely sick slides were thrown and a lot of good footy taken (we’ll post it as soon as it’s edited). So far the event already has 15 people listed as attending on Facebook and I’m sure many more will show up unannounced. The hill is steep (much steeper than you’d think, actually) but is closed to roads and offers ample room to slide at will. If you’re looking for something a little more laid back there is a right-hand corner towards the bottom that offers a slightly reduced grade for people looking to throw some chiller slides than up top. Fun for everyone!

Meetup in the Target parking lot in Meriden, CT at 5:00PM to convoy/carpool to the hill. The plan is to leave from the parking lot at 5:15 so plan ahead and be a little early. Try to park towards the right hand side of the parking lot, further away from Target so as to not attract too much attention. The Target’s address is:

474 Chamberlain Highway
Meriden, CT 06451-1818

A helmet and slide gloves are MUSTS for the event, like we said, the hill is steep and fast and accidents do happen.

You can find some more information over on Facebook.

Vermont Skateboards ‘Crete Bash and Campout — This Friday & Saturday

What better way to start your July 4th weekend than with a trip to Vermont? Lucky for you Vermont Skateboards is hosting their ‘Crete Bash and Campout this Friday and Saturday, July 1st & 2nd. The event will go down in Bondville, VT at the Mountain School’s Bondville Bowl and will start at 12:00PM. There is an after party right down the road in Windhall, VT that will include live music and an all you can eat BBQ by Outback Steakhouse, it’s $10 for just the music and $20 for music and the food. The after party will begin at 9:30PM, giving you some time to clean up and relax after the full day of skating.

I talked to one of the event organizers who assured me that in addition to the big bowl there is some smaller terrain and a great sliding hill located at nearby Ball Mountain Dam down the road in Windham.

Camping will also be in Windhall, very close to the Outback. As of right now there’s no charge but it’s subject to change (could be around a $5 fee) and requires you to bring all your own gear. Saturday will be another full day of ripping the bowl in Bondville and shredding the hill in Windham.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a contest, although there will be prizes awarded to people throwing down and shredding. A helmet is required to skate, too.

As of right now I think I’ll be there Friday afternoon with a camera in hand. Give me a shout if you’re planning on showing up.

Below is a quick overview of what the 2 days will look like:


***Day One***
– Skating at the Bondville Bowl all day long, ending around sundown
– Photographers and filmers will be present both from Vermont Skateboards and other
– Other skate spots are in the direct vicinity including the indoor Stratton Ramp
– THIS ISN’T A CONTEST, we hate contest runs and we hate having to judge, product will be tossed to people who are throwing down, that simple.
– Bring a helmet, police station ain’t too far away, not our call.

– Kicking off around 9:30pm Live bands will start at 9:30
– BANDS: Spit Jack, Mr. Infamy, Mad Havok, L-ement
– Age is 18+ for the show, 21+ to drink, respect the Outback and their rules, they are hooking it up for everyone!

– Bring your own tent, details for camping are in the works. We are doing our best to keep the camping free, but don’t throw a fit if there is a $5 tent charge from the campgrounds, we are trying to make that not happen.

***Day Two***
– Same shit as day one, punks! Rip the bowl, land that trick on the oververt that you couldn’t get the first day
– Photogs will still be present to get a nice shot of your swellbows
– Skating till the skating dies, pack up n head home afterwards!

You can also find more info by checking the Facebook Event Page.

Video: Go Skateboarding Day in Harvard, MA

The central MA longboard crew impress once again with a great free ride session that included some huge slides (we’re talking like 60+ feet) and what looked like a fun day of skating. Skaters include Norman Plante, Eric Roth, Stefan Kaiter-Snyder and Mike Girard. Earlier Mike tweeted about Norman and Eric looking for wheel sponsors, and he was right, we definitely see why they’d need ’em. 

Norman and Eric are looking sponsors... especially for wheels. You'll see why!! They deserve it
Mike Girard

Tutorial: Road Rash Care

While there are plans for a whole bunch of tutorials on longboard care as well as trick tips I figured I’d start the tutorial series off with one that every skater will inevitably encounter: road rash. Road rash happens when you fall on asphalt, there’s little you can do to prevent it (aside from wearing full leathers, and even that’s not fool proof) and once you do it hurts like nobody’s business. So what do you do once you’ve taken a hard spill? First of all get up, dust yourself off and make sure you’re OK (since you’re wearing your helmet, you shouldn’t be too beat up).

Note: I’m not a medical professional nor am I claiming to be. The advice I’m offering here is what I’ve learned through both personal experience (that’s some of my most recent road rash in the picture) and from reading other people’s advice and talking to doctors. If you have questions about your injuries talk to your doctor.


Before you can do too much you need to clean the wounds and get the dirt, sand, rocks, and whatever else has managed to get into the wound. This is going to hurt, most likely hurt bad. The easiest way to clean the wound is to jump into the shower with warm water. Be careful as to not go too hot (it’ll sting much worse), keep the water luke warm and let it run over the wounds. Scrub the areas with a wash cloth and some antibacterial soap, don’t sure too much pressure as you could make things worse. Just use moderate pressure and let the water and wash cloth do the work. Once the wounds are all cleaned up get out and pat yourself dry.

I’ll say that again, PAT yourself dry instead of wiping water off. Pay special attention to the road rash as it’ll hurt if you end up wiping it with the towel. Just pat it all dry so that when you put the Neosporin or bacitracin on the ointment will stay on the wounds and be absorbed by the healing skin.


There are lots of different options for bandages and some debate as to wether or not you should cover the road rash at all. From both what I’ve read and doctors I’ve talked to covering the road rash for the first 5 days is a good idea both to keep things out of the healing wounds and keep things from brushing up against it. The more you can keep out of the healing road rash the less you’ll have to scrub in the future, it’s well worth it. Covering the road rash for the first few days will also absorb all the fluid and blood that will “weep” from the wound. Weeping is normal for the first couple days, you’ll see a rust-colored fluid draining out from it, keeping the wounds covered will prevent these fluids from getting all over everything you touch.

Once the wound is dry, apply a thin coat of either bacitracin or Neosporin (be careful with Neosporin as many people turn out to be allergic to it. If you’ve never used it go for bacitracin) over all the affected areas. This will not only help keep the wounds from getting infected, but will also help keep the skin moisturized and help limit the amount of scarring you’ll have. Get used to doing this, you want to keep the wound moist with either bacitracin or Neosporin for the first few days to make sure you don’t get an infection and to keep it moist.

Now that the wound has some good ole goop smeared over it, it’s time to actually bandage it up. I’ve found that the CVS Non-stick Gauze work the best for this application. They are coated with an almost plastic film that keeps them from sticking to the wound and still allows them to be super absorbant. For the areas that got really ripped up these things work wonders. If you just have a little road burn (the skin has been broken, bruised, darkened but not raw) the CVS Non-stick Advanced Dressings work really well too. They are a somewhat see-thru mesh coated with petroleum jelly (which will also help keep the wound moist) that will keep things off the healing skin. Securing these needs to be done with a roll of gauze as they don’t stick by themselves. Roll the gauze as best you can over the wound and secure it with a piece of medical tape. It’s best to not tape anything directly to the skin around the wound since removing the tape could do additional damage. Simply tape the gauze to itself or tuck the end into itself and it should stay pretty snug.


Now that you’re all bandaged up you need to simply maintain the wounds. Change the dressings twice a day (after you shower and before bed work well) and reapply more bacitracin or Neosporin each time you change them. If you’re bleeding a lot or weeping a lot you might want to change them more often, do what you think feels best.

Once the wounds stop weeping and the wounds begin to show signs that new skin is present you can switch away from the bacitracin or Neosporin and use either petroleum jelly or Aquaphor (the dermatologist’s duct tape) to keep the skin moist. Again, this will help prevent scabbing (which also reduces itching, score!) and scarring later on.

You want to keep a close eye on how you’re healing. Watch for any signs of infection and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call a doctor. Keeping the wound clean and moist will help you get back to skating quickly and minimize permanent damage. You should notice the pain will diminish significantly every day and by day 3 or 4 you should be able to shower with little to no pain. About a week out the wounds will begin looking like they’re much more healed up and at 2 to 3 weeks you should be close to healed up. Everyone gets better at their own pace though, so be patient and diligent at taking care of your injuries.

Finally, I really can’t stress it enough, if you have real questions, see a doctor! Otherwise happy healing and happy skating!

Update: Our friends at the Northern Skate Alliance have posted a page dedicated to photos of “collateral damage” received while skating. There are some gnarly cases or road rash and some pictures with blood so beware.

More from the 2011 Baltimore Slide Jam and Clearfield Mustache Derby 3

More video from both the Baltimore Slide Jam and the Clearfield Mustache Derby has surfaced thanks to The Anomie Project, a group of skaters out of the Annapolis area in Maryland. The videos look great and show more of the great skating that went down at these two events earlier this month.

2011 Baltimore Slide Jam:

Mustache Derby 3:

Check out the other videos and photos from the Bmore Slide Jam and Mustache Derby too!

Bearings Debunked

We’ve all had questions about bearings and debated the pros and cons on different brands and ABEC ratings but few of us have gotten solid answers about the myths that surround bearings. Ask no more, as we’ve found answers. published a great FAQ regarding skate bearings way back in 2006 which I stumbled upon while reading Reddit. It sheds light on a lot of the common questions skaters have regarding bearings and offers some awesome advice. Like what? For starters, according to for most skating applications you really don’t need anything higher than an ABEC1 or ABEC3 bearing. You’re probably saying, “WHAT?! You’re kidding me!” but check it out:

The fact is that no matter which of these bearings you use in skates or skate boards, after 5 – 10 minutes of use the tracks won’t just be eccentric, they will become irregular (albeit minutely) enough to be practically indistinguishable from one another. Your high priced ABEC 9 bearing might as well be a 50 cent ABEC 1 cheapie.

They also give some advice as to how you can get more speed out of your bearings. No, WD-40 won’t cut it (in fact it’ll slow you down as WD-40 attracts dirt, dust, and grime) instead you should invest in a high-quality oil-based bearing lube and make sure your bearing seals are nice and tight. These combined will have you going faster than before and make sure you have a consistent ride.

So what does it all come down to? Most of the bearing hype is just that — hype. Instead of investing all your money in an ABEC9 bearing go for a lower grade and put the savings into that new set of wheels you need so bad. As far as skating goes, you’re not gonna miss the precision you get from the higher grades, you’ll probably miss the dough you’d spend, though.

Check out the full FAQ here.

Arbor Mid-Atlantic Demo Skate Tour Posted

If you live in the Mid-Atlantic and are interested in trying out some of Arbor’s finest new products for 2011 you’ll have a great chance to do so at the Arbor Mid-Atlantic Skate Tour. A total of 11 dates from July 30th thru August 13th with stops in NY, NJ, MD, DE, and PA. The caption on their Facebook said this about the demos:

Live in the Mid-Atlantic region, heard about Arbor Skateboards and are yet to set foot on one? Well here is your chance. Check out the Arbor Skateboards Demo tour coming your way!

Sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to skate a whole bunch of different Arbor boards without having to buy all of them first.


Video: Another Mt. Wachusett Video – This Time on a Longboard!

I posted a YouTube video showing just how epic Mt. Wachusett could be if someone had the balls enough to conquer it standing up on a longboard. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone was able to get their GoPro on and hike up, and sure enough, it’s been done. ILoveToRideBoards posted a sweet raw video of him and his friends bombing the freshly paved road. It’s every bit as epic as I thought it’d be.

By the way, does anyone else think the road looks in way worse shape than it did in the video from Memorial Day? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Delaware Downhill Series Wrap-up

You might remember the post about the Delaware Downhill Series (you very well may not, either) that took place last weekend in northern Delaware. The event was a series of 6 races over Saturday and Sunday (June 18 and 19) and looked like it was a lot of fun with a bunch of skaters. There were prizes galore and some fast racing. I managed to dig up some videos of the event so you can take a look and see what you missed or recap if you were able to make it.

If you were at the races and have more footage or pictures shoot them my way by e-mailing me at mike [at]

2nd Annual Broadway Mini-Bomb July 16th!

Listen up and get excited, the Concrete Kings will be hosting the 2nd annual Broadway Mini-Bomb on July 16th at 12:00 NOON. If you’ve been itching for another New York City event since the Central Park Race this is definitely right up your alley and will be an awesome follow up and precursor to the July 30th Adrenalina Marathon and Half Marathon (which we’ll be posting about a little later).

If you’re looking for some good ol’ city skating this is the event to be at (well, other than the actual Bomb that is) and shouldn’t be missed. Unlike last year, if you’re not wearing a helmet or if you get caught skittching you’ll be disqualified from taking a stand on the podium so get your pushing legs in shape.

The race route is from 116th & Broadway to 15th & Union Square East (check the poster for a map). Make sure you’re there before noon as the race will start promptly and you don’t wanna miss out. Again: meet at 116th St & Broadway before 12:00 noon.

After the race there will be a BBQ cookout along with a Best Hippie Jump contest and a couple of Sprint Races, so there’ll be some fun for everyone. It sounds like it’ll be an epic day and an exciting race in New York!