2011 Central Park Longboard Race: Absolutely EPIC!

The 2011 Central Park Longboard Race has come and gone and it was absolutely amazing. The event started just like the organizers promised, right at 12 noon, unleashing around 200 longboarders onto the street surrounding Central Park amongst runners, bikers, and roller bladers. The course was a 6.5 mile loop with both difficult inclines and fast hills, an extremely fun but tiring course. The race record was SMASHED by Kiefer Dixon while Cami Best took first for the women, both riders for Bustin’ Boards who had an amazing all around race day. I have a ton more photos on my camera along with some race video but won’t be able to get that out and uploaded until sometime tomorrow. For now you’ll have to check out the pics below and the short video of the 2nd and 3rd place winners. The pictures below really don’t do justice to the number of people there, it was absolutely epic. So much stoke.  I have the 1st place presentation but it’s on the dead camera, go figure.



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