2011 Central Park Longboard Race

This Saturday, June 4th there is a push race in Central Park, New York City from 12:00pm-3:00pm. There is a Facebook event set up with a link to the official entry page, which can be found by clicking here. If you’re in New York on Friday, the night before the race, be sure to check out Friday Night Rips at 8 PM in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. The organizers say Friday Night Rips is just a casual skate event with lots of sliding and manuals. Sounds like a ton of fun before the big event on Saturday.

As for the actual race it’ll start at NOON Saturday June 4th in Central Park — be early as the race WILL start on time. Organizers say to meet by the Spanish American War Memorial; Columbus Circle, 59th St. and Central Park West. Be sure to be quiet to not attract attention.

As of this posting 149 racers are entered, there is no entry fee so as long as you can get to New York you have absolutely nothing to lose. Most skaters look to be from the Tri-State area of NY, CT, and NJ but at least a few skaters have listed their locations as far away as Florida and Brazil. The event looks like it’ll be a great time and shouldn’t be missed if you can help it.

WARNING: HELMETS ARE REQUIRED! If you don’t have a helmet you’ll be disqualified once you cross the finish line. What fun is that? Besides, wearing a helmet is always a smart decision, traumatic brain injuries are no joke and no fun. The Protec Adult Helmet and TSG Skate Helmet are two great options if you don’t have one already.

Again, you can find the link to register right here: http://bit.ly/jypiUZ

If you want some more info you can check out the Facebook Event page here: http://on.fb.me/m8Nm1r

As always, you can register at the forums and talk to other East Coast skaters over at the forum.

Update: As of right now (7:30PM Friday night) there are 181 registered skaters. This is going to be one hell of an event!

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