Castle Craig Slide Session — Meriden, CT July 3rd

With the ‘Crete Bash taking place on Friday (tomorrow!) and Saturday your July 4th weekend Sunday is missing some action. Until now, that is. Last night the guys over at NSA announced they were organizing another Castle Craig Slide Session for this Sunday, July 3rd. Last time we did this, on Go Skateboarding Day, we had 13 people show up and some absolutely sick slides were thrown and a lot of good footy taken (we’ll post it as soon as it’s edited). So far the event already has 15 people listed as attending on Facebook and I’m sure many more will show up unannounced. The hill is steep (much steeper than you’d think, actually) but is closed to roads and offers ample room to slide at will. If you’re looking for something a little more laid back there is a right-hand corner towards the bottom that offers a slightly reduced grade for people looking to throw some chiller slides than up top. Fun for everyone!

Meetup in the Target parking lot in Meriden, CT at 5:00PM to convoy/carpool to the hill. The plan is to leave from the parking lot at 5:15 so plan ahead and be a little early. Try to park towards the right hand side of the parking lot, further away from Target so as to not attract too much attention. The Target’s address is:

474 Chamberlain Highway
Meriden, CT 06451-1818

A helmet and slide gloves are MUSTS for the event, like we said, the hill is steep and fast and accidents do happen.

You can find some more information over on Facebook.

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