More Pictures and Video from the 2011 Central Park Longboard Race

Unwrapping some of the prize schwag

As promised I finally got around to uploading more of my pictures and videos from the Central Park Longboard Race on Saturday. In the mean time a whole slew of other videos and pictures have surfaced on both YouTube and Flickr. The Flickr photo set gives a good look at just how big an event the race was this year. All in all around 200 people showed up to skate the 6.5 mile circuit around Central Park making an absolutely epic race. The winner, Keifer Dixon ended up setting a new record at 20:42 seconds — meaning he was averaging around 20 miles per hour, damn fast for a push race that involved large uphills in addition to downhill stints. If you have any additional video or pictures from the race or any of the events from this past weekend send them over our way!

Brian from Connecticut got a good video of a large portion of the course including the epic wipeout that left the skater laid out and unconscious for about 15 seconds. Luckily, and most likely because he was wearing a hemet, he woke up on his own and was able to get into the ambulance himself. Check out the fall right around 1:57 into the video, he puts it in slow motion right after in case you miss it.


Here are some of the other photos I was able to grab at the awards ceremony, shows some of the gear and the crowd. Beneath that I’ll post the video showing Keifer accepting his first place prizes and trophy.

The racers and crowd right outside of Central Park

The event organizer introducing the winners


Kiefer receiving his award and prizes: (if you want to check out the 2nd and 3rd place winners receiving their awards and accolades check it out on YouTube)

If you’re still itching for more pictures from the event head on over to the Flickr Photo Set and poke around, there are a bunch of cool pictures to check out from the race. Enjoy!

Update: I found yet another Flickr album with even more photos from the race (137 total). Rider Kadajj was apparently having an amazing day at the race until taking a nasty spill resulting in a broken arm. Sounds like no fun but luckily the photos look good, so the race wasn’t a total disaster. Check out the photo set here.

Also, for good measure I also threw up the video I had taken on my board during one of the downhills. Nothing too special but figured I’d put it up in case people were interested.

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