Post-2011 Central Park Longboard Race Events

With the 2011 Central Park Longboard Race weekend underway as of 8PM tonight and the even approaching in just over 12 hours we realized there’s a big question looming: what’s going on after the race? You’ve got a few options so lets run through them, shall we? The race, as we all know by now, is a 6.5 mile loop around Central Park, once the race is over prizes are awarded at the Spanish-American War Monument (where we meet for the race) and activities will be taken over to the Boat House for some drinks and “social activity,” as Bustin’ Boards are calling it. Sounds like it’ll be a great time to meet some new people and share the stoke.

At 7PM the fun starts again over at the Longboard Loft and Lucky Jack’s Bar which are conviently located next to each other on the corner of Allen and Delancey Streets in Manhatten. If you still can’t figure out where that is you can check it out on Google Maps right here.

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If you still haven’t had enough and need another day of skating in New York make sure you hit up the Earthwing Super Sessions on Sunday from 12 noon-6PM at Darktower Hill. It’s billed as “No sponsors, no prizes, no trophies, just guts and glory,” so expect some great, laid back riding with a ton of skaters looking to have a lot of fun. A great way to cap off a stoke filled race weekend in New York City, who could ask for anything more? Check out the flyer below and make sure to talk to people at the race learn more, since it’s an outlaw event the location and times are subject to change pretty quickly.

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