Vermont Skateboards ‘Crete Bash and Campout — This Friday & Saturday

What better way to start your July 4th weekend than with a trip to Vermont? Lucky for you Vermont Skateboards is hosting their ‘Crete Bash and Campout this Friday and Saturday, July 1st & 2nd. The event will go down in Bondville, VT at the Mountain School’s Bondville Bowl and will start at 12:00PM. There is an after party right down the road in Windhall, VT that will include live music and an all you can eat BBQ by Outback Steakhouse, it’s $10 for just the music and $20 for music and the food. The after party will begin at 9:30PM, giving you some time to clean up and relax after the full day of skating.

I talked to one of the event organizers who assured me that in addition to the big bowl there is some smaller terrain and a great sliding hill located at nearby Ball Mountain Dam down the road in Windham.

Camping will also be in Windhall, very close to the Outback. As of right now there’s no charge but it’s subject to change (could be around a $5 fee) and requires you to bring all your own gear. Saturday will be another full day of ripping the bowl in Bondville and shredding the hill in Windham.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a contest, although there will be prizes awarded to people throwing down and shredding. A helmet is required to skate, too.

As of right now I think I’ll be there Friday afternoon with a camera in hand. Give me a shout if you’re planning on showing up.

Below is a quick overview of what the 2 days will look like:


***Day One***
– Skating at the Bondville Bowl all day long, ending around sundown
– Photographers and filmers will be present both from Vermont Skateboards and other
– Other skate spots are in the direct vicinity including the indoor Stratton Ramp
– THIS ISN’T A CONTEST, we hate contest runs and we hate having to judge, product will be tossed to people who are throwing down, that simple.
– Bring a helmet, police station ain’t too far away, not our call.

– Kicking off around 9:30pm Live bands will start at 9:30
– BANDS: Spit Jack, Mr. Infamy, Mad Havok, L-ement
– Age is 18+ for the show, 21+ to drink, respect the Outback and their rules, they are hooking it up for everyone!

– Bring your own tent, details for camping are in the works. We are doing our best to keep the camping free, but don’t throw a fit if there is a $5 tent charge from the campgrounds, we are trying to make that not happen.

***Day Two***
– Same shit as day one, punks! Rip the bowl, land that trick on the oververt that you couldn’t get the first day
– Photogs will still be present to get a nice shot of your swellbows
– Skating till the skating dies, pack up n head home afterwards!

You can also find more info by checking the Facebook Event Page.

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