2nd Annual Central MA Downhill/Freeride/Flatland Event



The 2nd Annual Central Massachusetts Downhill/Freeride/Flantland Event is going down on August 7th in Harvard, MA. This year’s event has grown incredibly from last years (which was by all means a huge success too) and already has over 150 registered riders and 23 sponsors — that means prizes galore and a lot of good skaters going all out for a shot at the W.

The event organizer, Mike Girard, said they would have to cap the registration at 128 riders this year. The post on the Loaded site says they already have 150 so I’ve reached out to him to try to clarify. Registration is $15 in advance (plus $5 for a t-shirt) and $20 day-of (plus $5 for a t-shirt) and can be made by sending a PayPal payment to emgeebay@gmail.com (make sure it’s a Personal Payment as “Money Owed” to avoid a fee). In addition to registration you need to print out this waiver and bring it with a signature on the day of the event. Helmet and gloves are, of course, required to skate as well.

There will be 3 different types of events (I’ll post the description of them below) Downhill, Freeride, and Flatland with winners in each category and prizes awarded to them. Registration will start at 9AM, the hill will open for an hour of practice runs at 10AM and the first Downhill heats will begin right at 11AM. In addition to the three event types there are plans to have a freeride game of SKATE as well as a flatland game, and a contest for the longest slide, with prizes going to the winners of those too. The longest slide competition will actually have separate prizes for hard and soft wheels so everyone will have a fair shot at winning some loot.

Mike is also looking for volunteers for the event as marshalls and organizers. You can get a free “STAFF” t-shirt by signing up to help out all day or can get a discounted one  by signing up to volunteer for a little while. Either way any and all help will be much appreciated, contact Mike about it via e-mail here: emgeemann@gmail.com.

This is the biggest event in the area and is going to be a highlight of summer for sure. If you need more information you can check out the Facebook Event Page or the Loaded Blog post.



To avoid blowing up the road too much and jeopardizing our approved road closure, we can’t tell you the exact address, but we can tell you that the course is about a mile and a quarter long, and has two slopes that take you to the mid-40’s, divided by a short push section (shorter this year!). We are making it more technical with super giant slalom cones on the downhills. We are shooting for a 128-person bracket that will race single-elimination in four man heats, top two advance, six rounds total.

Freeride Slide Jam

This year’s slide jam is going to be on a faster slope, and will be judged by some totally worthy peeps. Hard and soft wheels will be allowed, and judges will consider the technical challenges of using either when scoring. The judges will be spread out on the hill so your whole run counts. Because there are so many skaters, riders runs will have to be spaced out, but everyone is guaranteed several runs to show their stuff.

Flatland Jam

This year’s flatland is guaranteed to go down, and will be held at a dope spot within walking and skating distance of the race hill. It’s got a great place for spectating, plenty of room for tricks and a small drop-in for some extra speed. Flatland will be jam format, judge-voted, any board allowed… throw whatever you’ve got down on flat!



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