Ham-Jam 2011 — Steptember 3rd in Hamden, CT

Southern New England get ready for the second annual Ham-Jam going down on Perry Road in Hamden, CT at 11:00AM on September 3rd. This event is going to be a great way to close the summer, the hill is rated at a 12% grade and is wide with buttery pavement making it perfect for sliding according to one of the event organizers, Will Strauss. He said last year the event was organized rather quickly and went better than expected with 20-25 skaters showing up and having a great time. This year they’re hoping to grow the event even more and have a whole slew of sponsors on board including some big names like Loaded, Seismic, Original Skateboards, Randall Trucks, Daddies Board Shop, our friends at Surf-Rodz and more, so some sweet prizes are sure to be had. The event should turn out to be a lot of fun and will probably feature a lot of the same skaters that will be out at the Central MA Competition a couple weekends before.

As always, helmet and gloves are required. Check out the Facebook Page for more information and updates.

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