Montreal Slide Jam — July 10th

While the site is dedicated to East Coast Longboarding I can’t help but show some love to the sick things going on in both Toronto and Montreal right now. On that note, the Montreal Slide Jam is going down on July 10th at an undisclosed location known only as “The Caserne.” The organizers note that it’s in downtown Montreal and a quick e-mail to them ( and you can get directions cleared up a little bit. The event is going to begin at 2:00PM, it’s not a competition, simply a fun afternoon of sliding with like-minded people. There will be some prizes, however, so bring your skate face, get ready to have fun no matter what and walk away with some new product if you’re lucky. Skating is going down rain or shine so be sure to pack a coat and be ready for great day of getting sidewayz.

Skate House Media put together a video after last year’s slide jam. If you’re not dying to go after this you might be better off staying home.

Montreal Slide Jam from on Vimeo.

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