Video: Tyler Gallagi Downhill

Another video for you guys today. Tyler Gallagi and an unknown friend bomb a killer hill on a lake or reservoir presumably somewhere in Connecticut. The title of the video is, fittingly, “Holy Sh*t I Forgot To Buckle My Helmet” which serves a good reminder to always double check your safety gear, especially your lid. No one plans for an accident and they can happen any time so be smart and wear a helmet and safety gear and wear it correctly.

” Holy SHIT! i forgot to buckle my helmet! “ from tyler gallagi on Vimeo.

Video: “New York Longboard”

My buddy @Bosleezy sent me this video called “New York Longboard” by Alberto Alepuz. It features Bustin’ team rider Sirera Sorondo and and another guy named Ra. The video is an interesting mix between a somewhat artsy rain skate and an absolutely epic slide session in NYC (the same spot seen in a lot of the Earthwing videos). Check out the absolutely insane slide/hands down pirouette  (is that even right?) at around the 1:00 mark. Look for more videos of Sirera Sorondo in the future cause the kid is absolutely dirty.


New York Longboard from PERROPRO on Vimeo.

Review: Surf-Rodz SZ Freeride (wheels)

Cory Medlar is a guest writer and skater from New Hartford, CT. Cory, aka CMED, currently rides for the Surf-Rodz CT Collective and TR Custom Longboards and has been longboarding for 2 years. I’m thrilled to have him contributing, below is a brief bio and background on Cory.

I am a 26 year old thrill seaker born and raised in Greenville MI, and moved to BEAST COAST 3 years ago for work. I have been an avid snowboarder for the past 17 years and always got bummed when the season came to a close, one year a friend suggested longboarding to take my mind off the seasons end as well as a great way to stay in shape in the off season. I dove in head first and found I love it and it parallels snowboarding well. My favorite part of longboarding is getting out and seeing how far my legs can take me.I now ride for the Surf Rodz CT Collective as well as TR Custom Longboards, both making and maintaing great gear. I just began sliding this year and love how much fun it is to go fast…sidewayz!!! I love riding my Surf Rodz INDeeSZ for miles and miles in the rain or shine and sometimes even the snow! I enjoy tinkering with my set-ups and constantly trying to dial them in, trying new bushing, wheel, and truck combos are what I do to keep it fresh. My favorite events are those that take place in the hustle and bustle of NYC (Central Park Race, Mini Bomb, Broadway Bomb)…nothing like weaving your way through a city thats soooo alive! Now a days you can find me out and about skating in the Litchfield Hills and New Hartford CT. “Longboarding is my religion and the streets are my pulpit!”

Wheel Stats: 70mm, 83a, 45mm contact patch, Sideset wheel
Tested on the following setup: SZ Freeride V2, INDeeSZ 10mm (197mm), 10mm SZ Precision Bearings,  Red Cone Solidz (roadside), Black Barrel Solidz (boardside).
Rider Stats: Cory Medlar, 155lbs., 5’7″, Regular Stance

I picked up a set of SZ Freeride wheels to check out the Freeride capabilities of them. I got them home and went directly to the Waterbury parking garage to break em in doing some hard carving on the rough pavement. I have to say right outta the packaging these wheels were impressive, the HUGE lips seem to be what gives them their excellent grip, and the wide contact patch is great for creating a smooth slide. I took the wheels for a few hard carving runs to wear off the mold release and the fun began. I carved them for about 20 mins before I could not wait any longer and started throwing some small standies to begin wearing them in. I let my buddy Kyle K. (a standup CHAMP) give em a go and he had ZERO problems whipping the wheels all around toeside/heelside it did not matter! I then continued to bomb the dirty tight garage for around 2 hours and was pleasantly surprised at just how much grip an 83a Freeride wheel had in the dusty garage at those speeds; I credited that grip to the large flexi outer lip of the wheels. The lips are VERY DEEP and they also have a slight contour to the inner edge allowing the lips to deform more and hold a line, but they also have a rounded edge so you can get a SUPER easy release for the slide.

I also took these wheels home to the Litchfield hills and New Hartford for some slide sessions to get a good feel for how they slide at speed on good pavement. Most of this slide testing was performed at around 25-30MPH. I was able to take these wheels up to speed and throw toeside/heelside predrifts with ease! The release point of the wheel is VERY consistent and the wheels are easy to control during the slide, it’s almost as if you are constantly on the edge of grip whenever you need it! The slide is almost “creamy” as the release/slide/regrip all has very minimal chatter giving way to a fast, quiet, and easy slide. I found myself being able to pick where I wanted to go with these wheels during the side and it only took a small flick of the foot to go there!

I normally ride Orangatang wheels and more specifically my Freeride wheel of choice was the Durian 80a formula…NOT ANYMORE!!!!! I LOVE MY NEW FREERIDESZ, and with a price of 45 dollars that is way more competitive than Otang urethane. As far as durability of the SZ urethane it seems to be holding up to my abuse quite well, I have been riding them hard for 3 days now with a 3 hour garage session on them as well as 4 other slide sessions of at least 2 hours each and about 30 miles of just straight pushing (pushed great for a 83a 70mm wheel). So far after this amount of riding they are showing a slight cone due to the fact that they are sideset, the wear almost mimics that of an ABEC 11 Flashback (but in wear pattern only not overall durability). The thane does not seem to shed too quickly and there is ZERO ovaling/egg shaping of the wheels, I am not a super heavy rider so your wear results may vary a bit but IMO the durability is quite good for that price point.

Oh yeah I also forgot to mention the WHITE WHEELS LEAVE KILLER THANE LINES RIGHT OUTTA THE WRAPPING!!! If you are looking for a wheel that will leave thane lines all over but don’t wanna sacrifice performance to get it, then these are the wheels for you! The other cool thing is that since the wheels are white they can be custom dyed with Rit Dye to get whatever color that you want.  So get out there and go fast SIDEWAYZ!!!!!
I hope to update this review as I log more time on these wheels, but based on the riding I have done so far I would recommend these wheels to anyone looking for a GREAT Freeride wheel that can also get it done on the DH side of things. Thanks for creating these chunks of Urethane Madness and please don’t stop your conquest of all things precision longboarding!!!!!

Cory M.

Video: Northern Skate Alliance take you “Over The Boarder”

Robert Briggs and Kyle Kay, two of the Northern Skate Alliance administrators hop the boarder into New York to shred some very fast, very smooth looking hills. These guys are hitting speeds of over 50 miles per hour and making it look too easy. Highlights include what looks to be a fairly high-speed one legged tuck at around 0:12 and the hairpin at 2:05.

Over The Boarder from some dude on Vimeo.

Local Company Spotlight: Surf-Rodz

There’s beginning to be a lot of talk on the streets about a company by the name of Surf-Rodz who are beginning to make some big waves across the international longboarding community. In case you haven’t heard of them, Surf-Rodz produces the popular V2 deck, and revolutionary RKP (reverse king-pin) and INDeeSZ trucks. I got a chance to visit their Seymour, CT manufacturing facility and sat down with co-owner and founder Wayne Gallipoli to talk about Surf-Rodz, what they’re doing, what they hope to be doing, and what they want to bring to the sport.

Surf-Rodz is producing CNC (computer numerical control) trucks. Get the confused look off your face, I’ll explain what it means. Most trucks are produced using a method called casting, super-hot liquid metal is poured into a mold, allowed to harden, removed from the mold, and are polished and shipped. Surf-Rodz doesn’t do this, instead they take a solid block of aluminum and machine it down into the component they need. What does this mean? Precision, durability, and the ability to do some pretty revolutionary stuff with trucks.

Trucks might seem like the established, static technology on the skateboard, with most attention these days being focused at wheels and deck manufacturing but that’s not the case at all. As skaters push the limits of what they can do, they’re also pushing the limits of what their gear can do. Wayne said after seeing traditional cast trucks starting to fail earlier and cost skaters performance there was a clear need for change in the industry, and SZ was ready to step up and make it happen. Surf-Rodz’s trucks can get replacement parts as needed, saving you money in the long run. Grind down a hanger? You can buy a replacement for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire truck. Bend an axle? Good news, Surf-Rodz’s axles can also be changed out too, saving you money once again by eliminating the need to replace the entire truck. Surf-Rodz also have adjustable hanger widths depending on how you assemble the axle/hanger, allowing you to have 3 different widths with one set of hardware. That’s a range of 127mm-197mm on the INDeeSZ and 150mm-170mm on the RKP — lots of options, one price, one set of hardware. Not only can you change the width of the hanger depending on how you’ll be riding that day, the way the trucks are designed take full advantage of the pivot pin axis, allowing the rider to utilize the full range of motion and control turns much easier.

Still need more? How about designs and colors on trucks? Surf-Rodz is leading the way in truck graphics, and let me tell you, they look cool. Really cool. Through an anodization process (this is pretty much the only part that isn’t done in-house) the trucks are colored pretty much anything you could think of. Nice, vibrant colors that are bound to the metal itself, meaning it won’t chip or crack like paint would. The possibilites are almost endless, when I was talking to Wayne at the shop they had just found out they could do up to three colors on one piece, meaning we could see some really cool combos in the near future. While I was there I also got a sneak peek at the new camo-themed trucks, these things are just too freakin’ sweet. Surf-Rodz can also do laser engraving now and has plans to do some limited edition runs (check out the picture of me holding the “Captain America”-esq trucks) and custom engravings in the future, although right now they’re still in the planning stages. Honestly, I’d never seen any trucks that look so beautiful.

If your mind isn’t blown yet it gets better. Surf-Rodz are not only better than every cast truck and other CNC trucks, they’re half the price. The INDeeSZ will set you back $199.99 and the RKPs go from $210.00-$250.00, not too steep when compared to the Bear Precision Trucks which retail at $400. Because Surf-Rodz is run out of the same shop they machine the hardware at they can make changes faster than competitors and offer better prices than other companies who have to outsource the work. What’s that mean? The more popular SZ gets the lower the price will get, making them more and more affordable. One of Wayne’s goals with SZ is to make affordable CNC trucks, allowing them to get into the hands of every skater possible.

So where does Surf-Rodz go next? Really, the sky is the limit it seems. While I couldn’t get all the juicy details, it sounds like SZ is on the verge of a couple new ventures that could prove pretty revolutionary for other aspects of the sport, too. It’s clear that Wayne is dedicated to driving the sport forward and a desire to stay one step ahead of what skaters want. I’d also expect to see Surf-Rodz starting to collaborate with some deck companies in the future to do completes thatfeature either the INDeeSZ or RKPs and possibly even more decks themselves (they currently offer the V2). In fact, just this morning Drang Longboards announced that they were designing a new line all around Surf-Rodz, an example of what will surely start becoming a trend as SZ grows more.

It was clear in my conversation with Wayne that he and his partners are excited about what they’re doing and are excited about their ability to drive the sport forward, helping skaters push the limits of what was previously thought possible. Wayne himself is a skater and is passionate about the sport and getting feedback about the trucks and input from the community on what they’d like to see. If you have any suggestions or questions about Surf-Rodz pop over to their Facebook Page and ask away. While you’re over there you may as well also like our Facebook Page too.

I’ll write a full review of the trucks themselves in the near future. For now take a look at some of the other pictures I took while visiting SZ.



2nd Annual Central MA Downhill/Freeride/Flatland Event



The 2nd Annual Central Massachusetts Downhill/Freeride/Flantland Event is going down on August 7th in Harvard, MA. This year’s event has grown incredibly from last years (which was by all means a huge success too) and already has over 150 registered riders and 23 sponsors — that means prizes galore and a lot of good skaters going all out for a shot at the W.

The event organizer, Mike Girard, said they would have to cap the registration at 128 riders this year. The post on the Loaded site says they already have 150 so I’ve reached out to him to try to clarify. Registration is $15 in advance (plus $5 for a t-shirt) and $20 day-of (plus $5 for a t-shirt) and can be made by sending a PayPal payment to (make sure it’s a Personal Payment as “Money Owed” to avoid a fee). In addition to registration you need to print out this waiver and bring it with a signature on the day of the event. Helmet and gloves are, of course, required to skate as well.

There will be 3 different types of events (I’ll post the description of them below) Downhill, Freeride, and Flatland with winners in each category and prizes awarded to them. Registration will start at 9AM, the hill will open for an hour of practice runs at 10AM and the first Downhill heats will begin right at 11AM. In addition to the three event types there are plans to have a freeride game of SKATE as well as a flatland game, and a contest for the longest slide, with prizes going to the winners of those too. The longest slide competition will actually have separate prizes for hard and soft wheels so everyone will have a fair shot at winning some loot.

Mike is also looking for volunteers for the event as marshalls and organizers. You can get a free “STAFF” t-shirt by signing up to help out all day or can get a discounted one  by signing up to volunteer for a little while. Either way any and all help will be much appreciated, contact Mike about it via e-mail here:

This is the biggest event in the area and is going to be a highlight of summer for sure. If you need more information you can check out the Facebook Event Page or the Loaded Blog post.



To avoid blowing up the road too much and jeopardizing our approved road closure, we can’t tell you the exact address, but we can tell you that the course is about a mile and a quarter long, and has two slopes that take you to the mid-40’s, divided by a short push section (shorter this year!). We are making it more technical with super giant slalom cones on the downhills. We are shooting for a 128-person bracket that will race single-elimination in four man heats, top two advance, six rounds total.

Freeride Slide Jam

This year’s slide jam is going to be on a faster slope, and will be judged by some totally worthy peeps. Hard and soft wheels will be allowed, and judges will consider the technical challenges of using either when scoring. The judges will be spread out on the hill so your whole run counts. Because there are so many skaters, riders runs will have to be spaced out, but everyone is guaranteed several runs to show their stuff.

Flatland Jam

This year’s flatland is guaranteed to go down, and will be held at a dope spot within walking and skating distance of the race hill. It’s got a great place for spectating, plenty of room for tricks and a small drop-in for some extra speed. Flatland will be jam format, judge-voted, any board allowed… throw whatever you’ve got down on flat!



NSA Do July 4th Right

Our friends over at the Northern Skate Alliance did what they do best on Monday, taking full advantage of the holiday and finding some epic new skate spots. Along the way they stopped and took some new video, embedded below. The quick edit shows you how quickly the guys are progressing, especially Ryan Howard who you can see throwing down at least one 360 and some very nice looking standup slides. Robert Briggs and Kyle Kay also throw down some impressive slides and 180s.

The Administration of the NSA are pushing onto the next level. I can’t wait to see what they have coming as the season progresses!

Freeriding The Fourth from some dude on Vimeo.

Montreal Slide Jam — July 10th

While the site is dedicated to East Coast Longboarding I can’t help but show some love to the sick things going on in both Toronto and Montreal right now. On that note, the Montreal Slide Jam is going down on July 10th at an undisclosed location known only as “The Caserne.” The organizers note that it’s in downtown Montreal and a quick e-mail to them ( and you can get directions cleared up a little bit. The event is going to begin at 2:00PM, it’s not a competition, simply a fun afternoon of sliding with like-minded people. There will be some prizes, however, so bring your skate face, get ready to have fun no matter what and walk away with some new product if you’re lucky. Skating is going down rain or shine so be sure to pack a coat and be ready for great day of getting sidewayz.

Skate House Media put together a video after last year’s slide jam. If you’re not dying to go after this you might be better off staying home.

Montreal Slide Jam from on Vimeo.

Castle Craig Slide Session STILL ON!

Just a quick update, the Castle Craig Slide Session is still on today despite some rain we’ve been seeing off and on all day. From the looks of the Facebook event people are coming in from near and far giving you the chance to skate with some new faces you might not have seen before along with your regulars.

Still meet at 5:00PM at the Target. Bring your slide gloves, helmet, rain bearings and a rain coat and get ready for a gnarly session with what are sure to be some monster slides.

Get ready to get sidewayzzzz!

Video: Longboarding in Boston — Happy July 4th Weekend

It being July 4th weekend I figured I’d go for a patriotic themed video to post. Originally I was looking to post something from Washington D.C. but it appears the D.C. area skaters have been slacking on their YouTube and Vimeo uploads lately, so I went to my backup city: Boston. Brian Bishop shreds the streets of Boston in this clip on his Apex 37 and shows some of his freeriding skills. Enjoy!