Last Minute: 2011 Philadelphia Push Race 8/14 (RAIN OR SHINE)

Oh man am I late on posting this one, but I guess it’s better late than never. I somehow completely missed the fact that the 2011 Philadelphia Push Race is SUNDAY AUGUST 14TH (that’s tomorrow/today depending on when you actually read this post). The race sounds like a ton of fun and supports the Ian Tillman Foundation, spreading helmet awareness and putting helmets on the heads of skaters across the country. The race sounds like it has a fun spirit to it and will without a doubt be a great time, rain or shine.

Registration, which is $5, starts at 10:00AM and the race will start at 11:00AM. Riders should meet in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (on the Rocky steps) for registration and more pre-race instruction. A HELMET is required to qualify and register — no registration means you can’t officially finish and aren’t eligible for prizes or the raffle. It’s a pretty simple — wear your lid and you get a chance to win great stuff. The sponsor list is HUGE for this event (like 14 deep) so you’re likely to walk away with something sweet if you’re a winner. Speaking of winners…

There are multiple classes for the race: Mini, Dropped, Regular, Dancer and Women’s. The classes should pretty much speak for themselves but if they don’t, this is how they break down according to the Facebook Page:

dropped- anything lowered, deck is lowered, or drop-thru (regardless of size)
mini- any board shorter than 29″
regular – any board between – 30″ and 47″
dancer – any board bigger than 48″
women’s – must be a real woman (no cross-dressers 😉 )

Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in all 5 categories although if you place in one class you can’t place in another. If you happen to finish in the top 3 for one of the classes you’re ineligible for the raffle — one prize per person for the event. If you’re a woman and place in one of the board classes you can choose where you want to be represented (the board class or the women’s class).

The other major rule other than wearing a helmet is that you must finish the race on the path. Emphasis on finishing the race there.

The event sounds like it’ll be a very fun time with a lot of great faces. As of this post there are 68 racers that pre-registered and there’s sure to be a bunch more that show up in the morning and register on site. If you’re reading this before the morning you might still be able to register online by clicking here.

Below is a map of the push route for tomorrow. Have fun and send some pictures of the event to mike [at] so we can post a follow up!

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