Video: [Robot voice] I am not a Robot

If you’re a Grandma’s Boy fan you hopefully read the title of this post correctly. If you’re not, shame on you, go watch it now (well, actually, go watch it right after you watch this). Jeff from Bustin used some of that sweet sweet Adrennalina prize money he won to buy a new camera and started shooting with some of the boys from Bustin Boards in NYC. A quick edit later Jeff was ready to show off his new skills and some sweet riding by the Bustin team. Their new board, the Robot (and it’s mini, the Robot Mini) is featured throughout the video. I got a chance to see the board in person at the Central MA Race where a bunch of the guys on the Bustin team had them. They look like a sweet deck for some low end Downhill and Freeride!

Bustin Boards Presents a New Flava from Bustin Boards on Vimeo.

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