Only for the HARDcoreSZ out there — $99 Black Surf-Rodz INDeeSZ

We all know that when it comes to precision trucks two things used to be fact: they are the best riding trucks period, and they are ridiculously expensive. When I first wrote about Surf-Rodz a couple of months ago, I explained that they were already breaking one of these established “facts” by slashing the price of precision CNC trucks to half the price of their competitors. Well, this time Wayne and the Surf-Rodz crew decided to do it again, slashing nearly a third off the price of their 8mm fixed axel Black INDeeSZ and making them $99. That’s right…precision trucks at $99, that’s less than the price of most decks.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive upgrade that will make a world of difference to your skating pick up a pair of these, they’re offering them in two widths, 159mm and 177mm so there’s little to no excuse to not check them out. Right now online is the best place to find them, but from what I’m hearing they should be finding their way to local retailers soon.

Right now you can pick em up at East Coast Core Skates in the 159mm and 177mm widths. I looked but couldn’t find them at the discounted price yet at any of the big stores (Daddies, Motion, and Muir).

2011 Broadway Bomb & More — NYC 10/8/11

If you’re even remotely close to the Northeast this is the event that we’ve all been waiting for, the 2011 Broadway Bomb in New York City

on October 8th, 2011. I’m so excited I’m not even sure where to start. The event that saw over 550 skaters last year is expected to draw close to 750 this year. As of this posting there are currently 647 skaters registered and the number is climbing steadily making it a possibility there could be closer to 1,000 skaters total. UPDATE 10/4/11: As of 11:00PM tonight (Tuesday, 10/4) there are officially OVER 1,000 SKATERS REGISTERED FOR THE BROADWAY BOMB! Right now the number stands at 1,046 and doesn’t appear to be slowing down as we get closer to the race. With numbers like that the Broadway Bomb will literally take over the streets of Manhattan for the race — making it an uban longboard paridse. From what the Bustin’ Blog said we’ll skate through 150 traffic lights, 100,000 pedestrians, road blocks, road kill and the good ole police. I guess that’s why the race’s tagline is “YOU COULD DIE!” Both Friday 10/7 and Sunday 10/9 other events are taking place as well as some events right after the race on Saturday.

The 2011 Broadway Bomb Push Race & After parties:

The race is scheduled to go off right at noon (12:00PM) from Riverside Park at 116th and Broadway, the race ends at the bull statue on Wall Street. You can take the 1 train to 116th and get off there. This is *the* push event through the streets of Manhattan. In years past we’ve seen some super fast pushing and some pretty reckless skating through traffic lights and cars. This year there is a no skitching rule to help prevent injury and unwanted negative attention. You can register here for the race. If it’s raining there is a posted rain date for  October 17th. We’ll keep you updated if there’s question as to whether or not the race is on. 

Immediately after the race is the Bomb Ass BBQ at East River Park in Manhattan. The official start time is 2PM, you can skate over with the pack that will most definitely be headed over there or take the JMZF train to Delancey Street — either way you have to walk over the FDR via the pedestrian path

way to enter the park. It’s under the Williamsburg Bridge alongside the East River. This is going to be a great time and will allow for a lot of people to check out the famous Williamsburg Bridge — one of NYC’s best longboard spots.

If you still haven’t had enough there’s also the Bomb Ass Afterparty going down right next to the Longboard Loft at Lucky Jacks 125 Allan Street. Again it’s the JMZF train to Delancey Street.

Friday & Sunday Extended Bomb Sesssions:

So, in addition to the famous push race there are events to start the weekend off and finish it the right way on Friday night and Sunday afternoon (October 7th & 9th)

On Friday the Friday Night Rip Session is going down in Prospect Park, Brooklyn at 7:00PM. It’s a slide and freeride jam and will be sure to have appearances by some of the Earthwing and Bustin’ riders and will be tons of fun for everyone that shows up.

Sunday, for your post-race and after-party enjoyment you have the Sunday Style Sessions going down at 7AM on Dyckman Street in Manhattan. The Style Session is hosted by Uncle Funky’s Board Shop and requires a $20 registration fee (and very early wake-up).

If you’re looking for something a little later in the afternoon you can check out the Earthwing Technical Slide Jam at 1:00PM at the same location as the Style Session (Dyckman Street). It’s a freeride, hard wheel event. Contact Steve Kong at: for the Earthwing event.

It looks like it’s going to be one hell of a weekend!

Check out the documentary about the history of the Broadway Bomb and see some highlights from the 2009 Bomb:

Push Culture – The Broadway Bomb from Joe Goodman on Vimeo.

Videos: Post-Ham Jam Sessions

After the official Ham Jam contest went down and most people parted ways a bunch of the guys (who had just TORN the competition up) got together to skate the original Ham Jam hill in a more low-key fashion and got some pretty sweet footy. The first video is courtesy of 508Downhill (aka Ben DeSnyder) and features the 12% grade hill we originally wrote about when we first reported on the Ham Jam back in July. It features a bunch of the guys from their New Hampshire crew including Norman Plante (who shreds it in our video) and DeSnyder himself as well as some others including “Wild” aka Josh Wright and Bruce Clark. As of this post the video only has 112 views which is shocking to me since it’s a fun edit and features some good skating after a pretty popular contest.

The second video comes courtesy of Stretch House Media, the New England based film and photo crew who have been doing pretty nasty work the past few videos they’ve put out via YouTube. This is no exception and features many of the same skaters as the 508Downhill crew but at a couple of different hills.

Both are incredibly fun and help showcase even more just how much talent showed up to skate that day.

High View Autumn Bomb II: Downhill Race and Freeride Jam (VT, 10/1)

This event looks sweet. I mean really sweet. If you want to have what looks like some of the most fun you’ll have at a race in a while, check out the Autumn Bomb II in Essex Junction, VT on October 1st and 2nd. The event will feature a 4-person heat (64 people total) 35 mph+ downhill race on Saturday, while Sunday will be a fun as hell freeride jam with prizes and podiums.


While the downhill event go down on the same hill as last year (High View), the event organizers are mixing things up a little by adding some gates in after the start, creating 2 crash corners and some tight turns all around. We’ll see some very fun, very exciting racing. It’s a bit on the slower end of the spectrum, making it appealing for those just getting into the sport. It look like you only have to register for the downhill competition, there is a fee for the event which hasn’t been solidified yet, the VTLBC said it should be around $20 though. If you want to register head over and do so at the NCDSA site, spots are filling up fast with 27 of the 64 already locked up.

On Day Two, Sunday the 2nd, the freeride jam will go down on the “Damn Good Hill,” which features some sweeping turns and 100ft of vertical drop. Organizers promise that the pavement is absolutely butter and is going to make for a prime jam location. If you don’t believe me, give the hill itself a peek over on the right.

Sponsors right now include our good friends over at Surf-Rodz, Team Quebec, Kebbek Skateboards, Clutch Skateboards, Comet Skateboards, Projection Films and more being added to the list as the event draws near.

As always you can find more information by checking out their Facebook Event and by keeping your eyes out for any updates we get. You can also get amped by watching the AMAZINGLY well done video below.

VT Autumn Bomb Longboard Race from daniel sparling on Vimeo.

NY: UPstate DOWNhill Saturday and Sunday (9/10-9/11)

I’m not sure how this almost slipped through the cracks but I just found it thanks to the ever vigilant Victor Tu. This weekend (9/10 and 9/11) the UPstate DOWNhill Competition is going down in Upstate New York. The competition is all outlaw and will consist of a push race, slide jam, and downhill race taking place over the two days.

Registration is free and the push race is set to begin at 12:00 noon on Saturday. The course is 3.5 miles ending with a 35 mph+ hill for the finish, race organizer Tyler Kempney noted that racers would have multiple opportunities to reach the 30 mph mark, making for a pretty unique and exciting push race. After the race there will be a casual freeride/slide jam and swimming in the nearby river. The meeting location is at Ridge Road in Watertown, NY — you can get more location information in the map labeled “Push Race” below.

Unfortunately the details of Sunday are somewhat fuzzy, with no start time nor a solid schedule of events for the day. From what we can tell both the slide jam and downhill will be going down on Sunday, we’re not sure in what order nor are we sure the schedule of times. I’d get some more information from the event organizers while you’re there on Saturday, they’ll have all the info you need. As far as what the downhill course is like this is what Tyler posted on Facebook:

This will be located nearby the push race road and riders will be able to reach speeds 50+ mph on a 3/4 mile road. Leathers will be recommended. The road is very similar to the TMMR race on Baney Rd. It starts off with a 35 mph roll into a left hairpin. Which can be gripped but foot braking and predrifting will be recommended. The road continues with a 35 mph straitaway into a hard right that can be gripped. After the hard right is a straightaway where riders will be able to reach speeds 50+ mph. This race ends with plenty of run off for the riders and foot braking or sliding are not required to stop.

The DH course is also in Watertown, again, I’ll post a map below. Check out the Facebook Event for more information and to ask any questions you might have.

Push Race:

View Larger Map

Downhill Race:

View Larger Map

Wrap Up: Ham-Jam 2011

UPDATE: Added the results and also added another steezy video. 

This past Saturday marked the second annual Ham-Jam in Hamden, CT while also putting an end to the summer skate season here in New England. All is well, though, because the Ham-Jam ended up being a huge success despite a few bumps along the way. As soon as I drove up to the spot on Perry Lane in Hamden I could tell the Ham Jam was going to be a ton of fun. Cars lined both sides of the street on the back side of the hill and hoards of people were moving towards the competition hill. The competition group was diverse, from some very young skaters to some older, more experienced guys the energy all around was high and everyone stoked to be out on such a nice day. The competition got off to a great start right at 11, as planned, but quickly saw the addition of an unexpected competitior: the Hamden Police Department. While at first they were cool with the competition once they saw that everyone was being both polite and safe repeated phone calls from an upset street resident forced them to put an end to the use of the Perry Road location, while it was a bummer their hands were tied; plan “B” was forced into effect.

With only a little confusion almost everyone made their way to the backup competition site (somewhere else in Hamden, a caravan lead us to the new site) and the jam was back on just a little after 12:00. After a few minutes to warm up on the hill the rules were announced: single elimination, only the top 20 moved on to the semi finals and the top 10 (I’m fuzzy on this. Feel free to comment and correct.) moved onto the final round. Josh Wright from NYC ended up with the big W but many others walked away with prizes in hand. There was no official results  list and I unfortunately missed the prizes being handed out, so much beyond that isn’t clear to me. Lots of skaters showed up and wowed both other riders and the crowd including Steve Kong, Norman Plante, Laura Nocka, and Bruce Clark.  Good news, I got the results (shout outs to GnarCakesNSteezeSauce)! They are as follows:

  1. Josh “Wild” Wright (wearing the red t-shirt in our video below)
  2. Norman Plante (wearing a white t-shirt, green wheels)
  3. Steve Kong (wearing a navy blue EarthWing t-shirt skating some dope tech slides)

Familiar names if you were paying attention to the 2nd Annual Central MA Event. Wright made the biggest jump, having placed 4th at the Central MA Event and 1st here, while Norman Plante nudged Kong out of the runner-up spot which they shared at the beginning of August. Other notable skaters included Laura Nocka (who took 2nd for women’s freeride at the Central MA Event), Bruce Clark (3rd at the Central MA Event), Ben DeSnyder, and many more.

Cory Medlar and Bill Steinbacher, both NSA Connecticut State Reps, were on hand shredding hard and reppin’ their beautiful new TR Custom Longboards, the Buffalo Soldier and the Panty Dropper. I’m in the process of talking to both of the guys so we can get some reviews up in the near future. In case you’re wondering, the Buffalo Soldier is the deck featured at the beginning of our video below.

Shout outs to all the excellent riders that came out and showed their stuff. The day was a blast and a great way to cap of an amazing summer of East Coast skating! Another big shout out to Surf-Rodz who constantly show us love and support. Check out the video below for some of the sweet riding we saw.