Only for the HARDcoreSZ out there — $99 Black Surf-Rodz INDeeSZ

We all know that when it comes to precision trucks two things used to be fact: they are the best riding trucks period, and they are ridiculously expensive. When I first wrote about Surf-Rodz a couple of months ago, I explained that they were already breaking one of these established “facts” by slashing the price of precision CNC trucks to half the price of their competitors. Well, this time Wayne and the Surf-Rodz crew decided to do it again, slashing nearly a third off the price of their 8mm fixed axel Black INDeeSZ and making them $99. That’s right…precision trucks at $99, that’s less than the price of most decks.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive upgrade that will make a world of difference to your skating pick up a pair of these, they’re offering them in two widths, 159mm and 177mm so there’s little to no excuse to not check them out. Right now online is the best place to find them, but from what I’m hearing they should be finding their way to local retailers soon.

Right now you can pick em up at East Coast Core Skates in the 159mm and 177mm widths. I looked but couldn’t find them at the discounted price yet at any of the big stores (Daddies, Motion, and Muir).

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