Videos: Post-Ham Jam Sessions

After the official Ham Jam contest went down and most people parted ways a bunch of the guys (who had just TORN the competition up) got together to skate the original Ham Jam hill in a more low-key fashion and got some pretty sweet footy. The first video is courtesy of 508Downhill (aka Ben DeSnyder) and features the 12% grade hill we originally wrote about when we first reported on the Ham Jam back in July. It features a bunch of the guys from their New Hampshire crew including Norman Plante (who shreds it in our video) and DeSnyder himself as well as some others including “Wild” aka Josh Wright and Bruce Clark. As of this post the video only has 112 views which is shocking to me since it’s a fun edit and features some good skating after a pretty popular contest.

The second video comes courtesy of Stretch House Media, the New England based film and photo crew who have been doing pretty nasty work the past few videos they’ve put out via YouTube. This is no exception and features many of the same skaters as the 508Downhill crew but at a couple of different hills.

Both are incredibly fun and help showcase even more just how much talent showed up to skate that day.

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