Congrats to East Coaster Jeff Vyain @ Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon Plano, TX!

 A big and heartfelt congrats goes to Jeff Vyain who placed 2nd in today’s Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon in Plano, TX! We did a post outlining all the details of the Adrenalina Marathon in New York this past summer, which Jeff won. I had the pleasure of talking to Jeff for a while at the Central MA Event, he’s a super nice guy and is a killer skateboarder. Great work and congratulations!

The race in Plano today was the third leg of the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon series before the 1st World Championship coming up on November 5th in Hallandale Beach, Florida, less than a month away. The second leg of the series, in Puerto Rico, was won by Kiefer Dixon who has made a name for himself by also winning this year’s Broadway Bomb (NYC), Mini-Bomb (NYC), Broad Street Bomb (Philly), Shoekill (Philly) and a couple more. Kiefer took home 6th place in Texas, having been bumped out of the top 5 by Robin McGurik by about 20 seconds. The East Coast, and New York in particular, seems to have quite the grasp on the push race scene right now with 50% of the top 10 being from the East! Keep killin’ it guys!

Top ten:

  1. Paul Kent (Portland, OR)
  2. Jeff Vyain (New York, New York)
  3. Enrique Cubillo (New York, New York)
  4. Jason Yerke (Lansing, MI)
  5. Robin McGurik (Portland, OR)
  6. Kiefer Dixon (Bronx, New York)
  7. Kyle Vervalin (McKinney, TX)
  8. David Mitchell (Keizer, OR)
  9. Andre Hippix (Brooklyn, NY)
  10. Eric Palmer (Scituate, MA)

Jeff (left) and Paul Kent (right) with their checks on the podium. Photo credit to Surf-Rodz

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