It’s Official — 2011 Broadway Bomb Breaks 1,000 Registered Skaters!

With 4 days left until the event itself, the 2011 Broadway Bomb has already smashed another milestone that many people didn’t expect to be broken this year: over 1,000 registered skaters! When I first checked the registration count just before 10EST this morning it read 963 registered users. Now, just over 12 hours later the count stands at 1,045…that’s another 82 skaters during the day today alone! If this pace keeps up over the next four days it wouldn’t surprise me to see us push close to 1,300 people registered, the real question past that is just how many will show up?

Last year saw 423 participants register to skate the Bomb and about 350 actually show up and participate. If registration says strong and fast over the next four days like it has been, and a similar dropout rate is assumed for participants we’ll still see close to 1,000 people skating this event all at once. The overwhelming majority of registered skaters live in the Tri-States (Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey) with a lot of the rest coming from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, as well as other parts of New England and the Mid-Atlantic. This puts most of the registered participants within a short trip of the event which will hopefully mean little excuse to not actually show up.

All I have to say is, THIS IS GOING TO BE NOTHING SHORT OF EPIC no matter what! The forecast looks sunny and temperature looks great for a very fun and exciting push through 8.5 miles of New York City streets! Keep an eye out for more updates as they come to us and check in on race-day for live updates and last minuet news. If you missed it before we posted some information regarding skateboarding in NYC to help avoid any unwanted contact with the NYPD and also have a guide to the full weekend.

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  1. Last year Broadway Bomb weekend was calling for rain. This year, 75 degrees and sunny! I think the dropout race will be significantly less.

    SHOW UP EARLY. The race is full of a bunch of excited people. Last year it took off a few minutes early. Be ready.