What’s this?! Bustin’ and Surf-Rodz team up for custom INDeeSZ!

I saw these puppies show up in some pictures from Jeff Vyain a little while ago, but didn’t think much of it since I figured they were one-offs for him and the guys at Bustin’. Fortunately for most of you, I was wrong. Instead, Bustin’ teamed up with our favorite truck company, Surf-Rodz, to bring you some custom INDeeSZ and boy are these things sweet.

What makes them so sweet? 3 colors for $119. I’ll say that again, this is a 3 color, precision CNC truck for $119. That’s only $20 more than the Black HARDcoreSZ special that Surf-Rodz has been running. They’re also laser engraved with the Bustin’ and INDeeSZ/Surf-Rodz logos on both sides. They are 8mm fixed axles at 177mm, perfect to get sidewaySZ and still maintain grip through hard carves and corners. That means tons of versatility on the smoothest riding indy trucks you’ll ever find. This is such a new announcement that they don’t even have a full spec sheet available until tomorrow, so we’ll update again when they post one.

Ever since Surf-Rodz launched their 8mm line we’ve been seeing prices just plummet through the floor. I can’t wait to see what happens when they’re able to finally do the same with 8mm RKPs. The precision market is changing…don’t say we didn’t say so!

You can find the Bustin’ INDeeSZ trucks by themselves by checking out the Bustin’ Store and by ordering a new complete (like the Robot!).

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