UPDATED: Black Friday Longboarding Deals & Skatesgiving Video

This post has been updated multiple times. Make sure to read all the updates so you don’t miss out on one of the crazy deals from East Coast Core Skates, Bustin’ Boards, Rayne Longboards and tons more!

Alright folks it’s 12:35am here on the East Coast and you know what that means — Black Friday has officially begun. Fortunately for you, the savvy longboarding shopper, you won’t have to endure the cold and the masses of people because we found some of the best deals in the industry online. You’ll be able to shop in less time and spend the rest of the beautiful weather we’re having skating. Sounds good, right?

First up Incline Longboards, who we haven’t talked much about but hopefully will in the future, is running a sweet deal on their decks. Right now you can pick up the Fro Pick, Flat Top, or the yet-to-be-released Mullet for $80 with free shipping in the U.S. I’ve been hearing a lot about Incline recently as they’ve been generating a lot of buzz on Facebook, and for $80 they sound like they’re definitely worth giving a look at if you’re in the market for a deck. You can order direct from Incline by visiting their site here.

Sketch Skateboards, who hosted the Halloween Costume Slide Jam earlier this month (I swear I’ll post the wrap-up for that soon), is also doing a deal. Dubbed the “Black Friday Surprise Box” they’re throwing a random item from the store in with the purchase of a complete skateboard or longboard. Orders must be e-mailed to twatson@sketchskateboards.com TODAY (11/25) and mention the code “SBOX.” The price on their completes is absurd as it is with them ranging from as low as $149 to as high as $161 for a custom so anything extra is icing on the cake if you ask me. Check them out here and e-mail Taylor at twatson@sketchskateboards.com to take advantage of the deal.

Have no fear, there are still discounts to be had. While not as much as some of the other offers we’re seeing, MuirSkate.com is offering free shipping on all items both large and small in the continental U.S. The caveat? Based on item weight they’re shipping it via different methods meaning you could get your stuff in anywhere from 1-8 business days. Still not bad if you just need a few things and don’t want to pay for shipping. Find details over at their free shipping information page.

More interested in getting a discount off your total order, though? We found a few of those, too. LongboardSkater.com is offering 10% off your total order through Monday when you use the code BFCM (for Black Friday/Cyber Monday) when checking out online. They posted a couple tips, too, saying that their inventory updates in real time, meaning that if it says in stock it’ll ship right away. They also warn shoppers that sometimes items go back in stock when orders get cancelled, so make sure you check back after a few minutes to double check it’s really gone. Also, although completes may be sold out, if you simply order all the parts for a board, they’ll build it for you and throw in the free parts they usually include.

Daddies Board Shop is also offering 10% off “most longboarding items” in their store when you use the code “THANE.” They’ve been offering free shipping inside of the continental U.S. for a little while now and will continue to do that through this sale too. Free shipping and 10% off? Sounds good to me.

Last but certainly not least, Motion Board Shop (who have been producing some gnar videos lately) is offering 15% off all orders over $50 which means you can save some serious change if you’re planning on buying a bunch of stuff. You have to use the code BlackFriday at checkout and the deal ends Monday (11/28) at midnight. No free shipping, although there are some pretty cost-effective options so if you don’t mind waiting a little bit for your gear to get to you head over and check them out.

UPDATE (11/25 @ 10:48am):

So I just learned about a couple of other deals that had previously escaped me that you guys might want to check out. As I hoped they would, East Coast Core Skates is running the sweetest deal we’ve seen so far. 15% off any order, no $50 minimum like at Motion and 5% more than LongboardSkater this deal is too good to pass up and supports one of the few core shops you can find online. Use the code “anniversary1” when you’re checking out at EastCoastCoreSkates.com. As far as I can tell this isn’t going to be for today only, but will last at least through Monday at midnight, so you have some time to think on it a little. They say more deals are coming so keep your eyes peeled! See “UPDATE 2” below to learn about the additional 30% off Madrid decks they’re offering.

One that we had missed was from our friends over at Bustin’ Boards who are offering free shipping on any order (about a $15 value) and are throwing in a grab-bag t-shirt with the purchase of the first 100 decks or completes today. You pick the shirt, they pick the color and it’s all free shipping — sounds sweet to me, especially with the fact that Bustin’ just released their new 2012 Maestro Fiberglass V2. The deals are running through 11/30 and more info can be found from the newsletter mailing they sent out.

The legendary Phat DeanZ is also having a blowout sale on wheels and Rotule decks. While already sold out of Sector9 Raceforms he still has a bunch of ABEC-11 Freerides and Sector9 Dual Duros in stock for almost $10 off some stuff. The Rotule Speed Karrot is going for $183.50 instead of $215.95 and the Rotule Desert Eagle is going for $175.00 instead of $205.95, not bad if you’re looking for some of the premier downhill decks in the world. Check them out over at the Phat DeanZ website but don’t wait too long, they’re going like hotcakes!

UPDATE 2 (11/25 @ 6:31PM):

Okay this is one for the record books. Churchill Manufacturing is offering a blowout 50% off sale for Atobe Bonneville wheels and a bunch of their decks. Yes, I’ll say it again cause I didn’t believe it at first either, but thats 50% off with FREE SHIPPING inside of the United States, too. The Atobes are ringing in at $27 and most decks are going to run you only around $70 to a deck and $125 for a complete. These completes aren’t using just any run of the mill parts, either — they’re setting you up with Randall RII’s, one of the most versatile cast trucks on the market, along with some ABEC7 bearings, Bonneville wheels and grip tape. If you’ve ever thought about building a pumping setup, this is the time to do it. Get a board with a little bit of flex and a set of these super sticky Atobe wheels and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the next Jeff “The Wiggler” Vyain 😉 (that might be an over exaggeration, but you’ll definitely have a sweet pumping setup). Check out their store and see what they’ve got to offer.

East Coast Core Skates also just announced another deal they’re offering (I said there was more to come) giving you an additional 30% off Madrid decks of your choice. Use the code “madrid 30” at checkout to take advantage of their newest discount. From the way they’re phrasing it on their Facebook page that’s an additional 30% off in addition to the 15% they were already offering. 45% off a new Madrid deck? GET OVER TOEASTCOASTCORESKATES.COM AND GET ON THIS DEAL!

UPDATE 3 (11/25 @ 10:40PM):

Thanks to Reddit user Kerse I just learned about another great deal that will be running through Monday at midnight over at Performance Longboarding where they’re offering 15% off anything in the store. That means you can pick up a Rayne Killswitch for around $165.75 which, even with taxes and shipping, should still be saving you around $20-$30 overall. Not too shabby. They look like they have a good sized store with a great selection of gear meaning and competitive prices, so you should be able to find something that suits your needs or wants and pick it up at a pretty nice discount. You can find them by visiting them at their website, PerformanceLongboarding.com, as well as learn more about the sale and their selection.

BUT WAIT! That’s not it, in a move that I didn’t see coming Rayne Longboards just announced a 15% off sale for the final 5 hours (4.5 at this point) left in their Black Friday (based out of British Columbia, Canada so those of us on the East Coast have a little extra time) on their online store when you use the code “BABYGOTBLACK”! If you’ve been thinking about getting a Rayne board then don’t waste your time contemplating any longer. These boards are the best you’ll skate, period. Pick up a brand new Killswitch for around $172 and a Hellcat for right around $140, not bad for boards you’ll almost never see on sale. This deal isn’t even listed on their website, so make sure you remember the code, “BABYGOTBLACK,” cause you won’t find a hint over at their store. Head over to Rayne’s site now to check out the full selection and get down and dirty with that 15% off.

UPDATE 4 (11/26 @ 10:00AM):

Yet another deal has emerged for you guys, this time from MuirSkate.com. While they were only offering free shipping to customers within the continental U.S. before they announced that for Cyber Monday (that’s this coming Monday) they’re gonna be offering 10% off everything in their store. MuirSkate is one of the biggest online shops in longboarding and carry most big-name brands along with a bunch of the smaller guys you might not have heard of.

Holesom Longboards also decided to jump in on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales weekend (they originally were going to abstain from doing one) and are also offering 10% off anything in their store. They just released two new decks (although I can only find them in the store…) and have some of the super sweet scented slide pucks we’ve heard a lot about. Use the code “CANADA” when checking out from the Holesom store and you’ll get 10% lopped off your total. If you ordered just before they announced the deal they said they’re going to honor it and get you guys that 10% back. That alone is impressive to me, props to Holesom — get out there and support!

Some of the guys from Beast Coast, Soda Factory, and Rayzor Tattoo took to the streets for a Skatesgiving vacation down South and shredded some hills that would have made both the natives and Pilgrims proud. It looks like it was a fun trip for sure, give it a look and let us know what you think.

Skatesgiving from sean graves on Vimeo.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving holiday today and safe travels for the rest of the holiday weekend. If you’re skating then send us some pictures or videos or just a message and let us know what your plans are!

This year we’re thankful for the overwhelming amount of support and love you guys have showed us so far. We’ve got some give-aways and contests coming up in the near future so we can show you just how thankful we are.

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Interview: 2011 Adrennalina Tour Champion Paul Kent

With rain blasting a large part of the East right now and it being the end of Hump Day I couldn’t resist posting this for everyone to enjoy. If you’re a regular reader of the site by now you should at least know Paul from our coverage of the Adrennalina Skateboard Marathon Tour which wrapped-up on November 5th with Paul being crowned first ever Tour Champion. In addition to his Adrennalina fame most people also know Paul from his Long Treks On Skate Decks video series, the Paskapoo Downhill Rodeo, GreenSkate and eating celery at the steakhouses. You can catch up with him on www.skaterpaul.com. He is sponsored by Orangatang wheels, Rayne longboards, Royal Boardshop, Vega Sport, and rides with various other teams. I got a chance to talk to Paul via e-mail once he got back to Canada after the Adrennalina Championship for a short interview, telling how he first got into distance skating, how he felt about the last Adrennalina race, and so much more. Paul is making a big name for himself in distance skating and it’s pretty clear he’s just heating up, check out the interview below and see for yourself.

STE: Skate The East: Right now you’re living up in Calgary but mentioned to me on Twitter that you’re originally from the East. Where are you from originally and what took you out to the base of the Canadian Rockies?

Paul Kent: I am originally from Cambridge Ontario, just about 45 minutes west of Toronto. My Dad’s family is from Wabana Newfoundland, which is as east as it gets. Anyways, ten years ago the longboard scene in Cambridge consisted of myself, Marcel Robert, and about 14 other super casual carvers. I would have to drive out to Dundas to skate with Mike Civindino our (then) Canadian slalom champ, or to Toronto to ride with their small group of 10-20 odd kids serious with Downhill riding. I felt I had quickly outgrown the talent base as I wanted to learn from more experienced riders. I decided to find riders out west to learn from and I connected with the parts of Jody Willcock’s crew. (Jody is the inventor of the drop deck). I still identify with Ontario as being where I come from and I miss riding my hometown and the escarpment.

STE: In addition to being the recently crowned 1st ever Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon Champion after a stellar season you’re also well known for your incredibly long distance skateboard backpacking adventures. How did you first enter the world of distance longboarding, and what has motivated you to keep pushing and pumping after all these miles?

PK: Well first off Jeff was the first Adrenalina champ. I am the first tour champion. I failed miserably at last years Adrenalina in Hallendale. Haha. But to answer your question, I began riding to work through rain, shine, even two inch deep snow. When I was late I would have to sprint to work on my board. By the time a year had gone by I had cut my work commute in half. I had done well in a Central park race in New York, but it wasnt until the fall of 2007 that it really happened. I was invited to the push race “King of the Forest” in Vancouver by Mike Benda and Rocky. Having no money for a bus, I joked to my friends and family that maybe I should skate there. They didn’t realize I was joking and started helping me prepare. Haha. Then they agreed it was a stupid crazy idea but I was the craziest person they knew. I packed up my hiking pack with lightweight gear and I skated there. I Got to the race and took the top spot of any Canadian, however loosing to Robin (The Leg) McGuirk and Jon Huey. It was a great trip of self discovery, freezing nearly to death at the top of mountain passes and running from wild animals, skating alone in the dark in places where there are no lights. And then a great race where I saw podium. This touring and push racing thing really had captivated me.

STE: You and Jeff Vyain crossed the finish line hand-in-hand to tie the 1st Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon Championship this past weekend, what was your first thought when you finally caught up to Jeff and he suggested you share the prizes and podium?

PK: My first thought when Jeff offered to go splits was “yes, sound offer.” we both earned it, and I still felt it was anyone’s win. I had caught up to Jeff and took the lead, he then caught up to me about a half mile further and that’s when he proposed the prize split. We skated for a few seconds, then I suggested we shake on it before continuing our race against eachother. Now honestly I didn’t consider this to mean we were supposed to cross the finish together. I began surging to the finish. He and then bounced back and fourth for the lead and charged all but feet from the line. I pushed to the fastest speed I could possibly go and Jeff was still beside me. That’s when I reached for his hand. I did it without looking and he grabbed my arm. We both won, literally and figuratively.

STE: What was the general reaction by the spectators?

PK: The spectators were stoked. I think they really appreciate that we’re not easy on eachother and we pushed faster times, yet in the end it’s about camaraderie, helping eachother to grow as athletes, and being stoked for eachother.

STE: You and Jeff Vyain have arguably the most famous “rivalry” in longboarding right now. When did you guys first run into each other and how did you become “best frenemies?”

PK: Our first encounter was online. He wrote me to tell me he wanted to race me. We met in Hallendale and I wasn’t feeling optimal. He won that race, I hung out with him the rest of that night talking at him and sharing technical info with him. I’m sure he thought I was a chump, but I was stoked to have found a true nemesis. Someone to share and help me become better, by sometimes being better then me. I followed what he did online, in interviews and in his community and became certain he was a good role model and ambassador for longboarding and push race. Our next race was the Cheif Ladiga 188 mile and I won, earning Jeff’s respect. At the after party we had a great talk about our responsibility to the sport. That got us off on the same foot.

STE: How do you intend to spend the off-season this year?

PK: I read lots in the winter. Its when I learn about how to train and eat better. I will be doing more weight lifting, some cross country skiing and running. Although not so much as to over-train before the season begins. I also need to do some physiotherapy. Hopefully I’ll get to head to Cali or Van for some downhill skateboarding through the winter. And of course I’ll be back to working a real job.

STE: You’ve said you have a career goal of a 1:20:00 marathon, what other goals for longboarding in general do you have?

PK: My goals are to help the sport grow in a positive and sustainable way, to help produce some world class skaters in various genres, to create a LongTreks film, start a better bearing company, start downhilling in contests again and of course running as close to 1:20:00 as humanly possible. I’m really aiming to break 1:26:00 next year. But it will depend on the course and the weather.

STE: If you could have anything in the world, prepared by the best of the best, what would be your dream pre-race/long skate meal?

PK: My best dream pre race meal would be the best cheesecake in the world, or best in the dream world for that matter! But since I do not exist in the dream world, I’ll stick to sweet potatoes with a garnish of vegan gummy bears, Vega sport optimizer and ginger kombucha. Unfortunately the best of the bests talents would be wasted on pre-race meals as the GI tract won’t tolerate the best foods during these races. It sucks! But if the Best chefs would take a rain check, I’d be glad to have some mean Mali kofta with Lacha prantha after the race.

STE: Best of luck in the off-season, hopefully you get some deserved rest and relaxation before the grind of training starts again!

PK: Thank you very much. Rest and relaxation is in in full effect right now. But physiotherapy and trigger-point therapy begin soon, followed by weights and fitness maintenance. Say hi to the east for me. I miss her.

We’re stoked Paul took the time to talk to us and wish him the best for the off season!

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Video: Brian Bishop Passes Time

For a video that was made while passing time waiting for the train, I have to say, I wish I could wait for trains like this. Brian shows off some of his amazing flatland skills that display the impressive marriage of classic short board techniques and tricks and longboarding style, flow, and gear that he has created. Worth noting is that Bish is riding the new 40″ Apex Protoype in this video and boy does it look sweet.

Waiting for the train from Skate District Films on Vimeo.

Review: Orangatang Durian 86a Yellows

Rider Stats: 5’11, 190lbs

Board: TR Custom Blitz w/ Surf-Rodz 45 degree RKP trucks @ 196mm, Loaded Tan Tien w/Surf-Rodz INDeeSZ @ 200mm; Organgatang Durian 86a (Yellows)

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while but have held off for various reasons, mostly because I kept telling myself I wanted to ride them a little bit longer and learn a little bit more about them before writing a post. After riding these since late June I finally feel like I can give some honest insight into these wheels and give them a good, thorough look at.

The Yellow Organgatang Durian wheels are 76mm w/a 45mm contact patch, they’re offset which means that you have a fat outer lip, but still have a nice sized inner lip as well. As advertised they are stone ground and lack the out of the mold feel associated with some of the grippier wheels, meaning they’ll slide much easier out of the box. The lips are also rounded, instead of square, allowing you to initiate slides easier and with more predictability with little to no break-in time and with less effort. The Yellow Durians are an 86a duro, the hardest Orangatang offers and are advertised as “nice and slidey.”

First and foremost I have to say these wheels are great if you want a set that will last. I’ve had these on my free ride boards since getting them in late June with pretty heavy use and am far from seeing any serious signs of coning or wear. I’ve also had to throw them on my commute board a few times and rode them extensively, despite being such a hard duro they still produced a smooth ride, in fact I rode these wheels for the 8.9 mile Broadway Bomb in New York this past October and didn’t have problems with road vibrations at all. They are responsive and grippy enough to make fast, sharp turns, but will also slide predictably and easily for speed checks and slides.

Because they’re advertised as a free ride wheel their ability to slide and behavior while doing so is paramount. While videos and reviews from the West Coast show and talk about a buttery smooth slide I’ve been largely disappointed up until recently at the amount of chatter they’ve produced, most of which is found while first initiating the slide. Once sliding they are predictable and for the most part smooth, although stickier pavement can cause some chatter and make for an unpleasant ride. Although they have a tendency to chatter while initing slides and on stickier pavement — especially in their younger days — for the most part it’s mild, and can be managed pretty easily by slightly changing your weight management during slides. The beating our East Coast pavement takes from nasty weather and winters just doesn’t seem to play as nicely with Oranatang’s hard hard thane as it does out West it seems. The fat lips make them easy to hook back up with the road when you’ve finished your slide and give you enough grip to make sharper turns and carves at higher speed. I have yet to have any issues with them sliding out from under me unexpectedly thanks not only to the large lips but also the large contact patch. While it provides a lot of grip I can’t help but wonder if the 45mm contact patch also contributes to the chatter but haven’t tested the 86a Stimuluses or Fat Frees to get a direct comparison yet.

The two best parts about the Yellow 86a Durians, in my opinion, have been the versatility and the durability. For a rider as heavy as me to skate, slide, and ride these wheels almost daily for the better part of 5 months with minimal signs of wear is unbelievable and can be attributed to the hard duro that the Yellows use. Despite being hard, as a commuting wheel they still are very comfortable and with their nice lips on both the inside and outside of the wheel they turn and respond nicely with the large contact patch giving you extra confidence in them gripping the road. If you’re looking for an all around wheel that you’ll have for a while, the 86a Durians are a great choice — just don’t expect them to automatically make you slide Kyle Chin or Adam Colton, and don’t be surprised if you run into a little chatter along the way.


Wrap-up: 1st Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon Championship

It’s been a rough week up here in the Northeast after being absolutely torn apart with the unusually early snow storm that struck over Halloween Weekend. Power had been out for 10 days for many people, some just getting it back last night. While life has been returning to normal slowly for many people up here, it didn’t miss a beat in Hallendale Beach, FL.

This past Saturday marked the first ever Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon Championship in Hallendale Beach, FL. The 4th leg of the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon (ASM) series and the 5th ever ASM set the stage to be the most exciting and to-the-wire race yet with previous winners Jeff Vyain, Paul Kent, and Keifer Dixon all in the running for a win and other top finishers such as Robin McGuirk itching for their first taste of Adrenalina victory.

Sure enough the race was exciting just as expected with the two top favorites, Paul Kent and Jeff Vyain, duking it out for the win lap after lap. Both Paul and Jeff posted nearly identical times for laps 1 and 2, it wasn’t until lap 3 that Jeff pulls ahead by 3 seconds (averaging a pace of 3 mins 28 secs/mile this late in the race) to take 1st. The next lap, however, Paul was able to catch up, instead of duking it out in an all out finish the two decided to finish hand-in-hand and cross the finish line as a tie — sharing the win. Despite deciding to share the win this time, Paul Kent was named Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon Champion, having edged Jeff out of the title spot by just one point during the course of the season.

Update: Having poked around on Facebook a little more I stumbled across conversation between Jeff Vyain and Paul Kent talking about the race. After a couple of laps Paul had a collision with oncoming racers that forced him off the road and to a dead halt in the grass, an accident that would have taken him out of the running for first place had Jeff decided to capitalize on the accident. Instead, Jeff said on Facebook:

Truthfully, I just think it is a little unfortunate what happened with the collision. I just hope we learn from these sort of occurrences and adjust the courses however possible to keep that from happening again. I’d have loved to just straight up battle with you for the remaining lap and a half to see where that put us. It just didn’t go down like that. I pressed hard but didn’t try to capitalize on what happened (for my own personal integrity), you still caught up…you earned it. Your face shows it at the end of the race. I feel great about how it ended, with the slight exception that the time chips separates us by .08 seconds and that creates some level of confusion, but I think we can get over that.

Since they decided to share the first place victory together, the two also took their prize checks, cut them in half, and re-taped them together, a silly yet symbolic gesture showing that the two were willing to split their earnings in a true sportsmanlike fashion — something I’m quite confident you will rarely find in other professional sports today.

While they ended up in the top spot, Paul and Jeff had to fight for their position against Jason Yerke from Lansing, MI (who I believe is the same guy who fell and lost his board in the water at the NYC ASM having been in 3rd place) who kept the race pretty spicy according to time splits. Jason actually went out faster than Paul through lap one, trailing just behind Jeff by about a second going into lap 2. In lap 2 he was able to overtake Jeff and actually lead into lap 3 with a 2 second lead on Jeff and Paul, who were neck and neck. Unfortunately he burnt out right after holding that pace and added three seconds to each of the last two laps, bringing him in third place just over a full second after Paul and Jeff.

Kiefer Dixon and Robin McGuirk, two of the other projected top contenders, both showed a steady race maintaining their positions at 4th and 5th, respectively, for the entire race and allowing them to round out the top 5.

The women’s side of things was also exciting, coming down to a two second split between the winner and runner-up. Bustin’ Boards rider Cami Best was able to come back strong after a challenging race in Plano, TX that put her 9 minutes behind winner Sarah Paulshock. She was able to drop an unbelievable 16 minutes from that performance, however, and best Sarah Paulshock by 2 seconds — finishing the race in 1:59:30. Anna O’Neill rounded out the podium for the women, finishing in 3rd place in 2:08:19 — also posting an incredible 16 minute drop in time.

What I think is clear here is the fact that this is just the beginning for competitive long distance pushing in the world of longboarding. If you look at the vast improvement in times seen by many competitors. According to my research online and through looking at past marathon results from the season, this year’s ASM Championship saw both the men’s and women’s world records shattered once again. For the men, Paul Kent and Jeff Vyain, who tied on purpose, now both share the title having finished in 1:30:48. On the women’s side of things Cami Best was able to break her previous women’s World Record (also set at the NYC ASM) by about 2 minutes. So, unofficially the mens and women’s Skateboard Marathon World Records stand as follows:

  • Men’s: Jeff Vyain & Paul Kent 1hr 30min 48seconds
  • Women’s: Cami Best 1hr 59mins 30.09seconds

It’s clear after seeing the first full season of the ASM circuit that the sport of distance longboarding is clearly just starting to develop, and that this really is just the beginning of what we’ll see in the future. In just the year since the first ever Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon was held in Hallendale Beach we’ve seen the men’s World Record broken multiple times and drop by about 10 minutes total — that’s just in one year! As the field grows and competition becomes fiercer we’re going to see a lot of close, exciting races for sure.

I think the outcome of the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon Championship also allowed the sport of longboarding to show what it’s really made of. The decision for Paul Kent and Jeff Vyain to share their combined prize money shows exactly just how close and upstanding the longboarding community is — something we should strive to foster and instill in new riders just beginning to shred. We’re all here to spread the stoke, Paul and Jeff were perfect examples of sportsmen and role models for younger shredders. Congrats to all the racers and a big thank you to Adrenalina for a successful and exciting first marathon season!

Update #2: Jeff Vyain just posted his first-hand account of the ASM Championship on the Bustin’ Blog. It’s an inspiring and moving story that shows the unreal amount of sportsmanship and determination both Jeff and Paul exhibited and is well worth the read.

In case you just want a quick list of the top 5 men’s finishers, here it is:

  1. Paul Kent/Jeff Vyain (tie)
  2. Jason Yerke
  3. Kiefer Dixon
  4. Robin McGuirk

You can also check out the official results list and splits here.

Earthwing and Comet Announce New Boards and Graphics

I gotta say, it’s a great time to be an East Coast skater right now. The scene is alive and well and on the industry side of things the East Coast is right there pushing the limits of the sport and constantly innovating. Two of these companies are Earthwing and Comet Skateboards, both of whom announced brand new boards for the 2012 season and they look sweeeeeeeeet. To start things off let’s go way north to Ithica in Upstate New York where Comet Longboards has just dropped a bomb on the downhill/freeride community.

Comet recently added rider extraordinaire Liam Morgan to their team and his pro-model is already hitting shelves across the country (and is available online). Dubbed the Comet Grease Hammer it’s a smaller version of the insanely popular Grease Shark. 2″ shorter than the Grease Shark the Grease Hammer stands 36″ tall with a wheelbase of 26/27″ depending on which set of holes you use and 9.875″ wide. It’s made of 9-ply maple to make it nice and stiff, although it’ll still give a little flex if you’re a bigger rider and has a 0.5″ rocker to it. The board looks sweet and the graphic is pretty crazy. Check it out over at Comet and peep the video of Liam Morgan shredding in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains to catch a glimpse of the Grease Hammer in action (at the bottom of the post).

Further south, in Brooklyn, Earthwing Skateboards has been hard at work on two new skateboards and graphics for the 2012 season. First off the line for Earthwing this year was their long anticipated drop-deck which has been dubbed the Roadkiller. Rumors and spy pictures have been circulating about this board for a while, but other than a brief appearance in some Earthwing videos not much was known about the deck until its release recently. Designed by Earthwing Team Rider and engineer Adam Auger, the Roadkiller has been designed with a specific purpose in mind: keeping your feet glued to the deck while you’re getting sideways. A deep “W” concave runs between the two drops to create a solid foot pocket that locks you in and prevents your feet from slipping off of the board while you’re pulling hard and fast slides. It’s 40″ long and 10″ wide to give you a nice solid platform to stand on, with a wheelbase of 32.5″. Of course, since it’s a board by Earthwing it’s easy on the pocket too, setting you back only $99 for the deck itself.

Earthwing also announced the other day that the SuperModel for 2012 would be getting a redesign. The SuperModel, which is probably Earthwing’s best known board, has been selected to get both a new graphic (the “Earthwing” image below) and a new shape for this upcoming year. While Earthwing is still being pretty hush-hush about the details they gave us a nice paragraph to worth with. Once again it’s going to feature a deep, elliptical concave that is deeper near the trucks to lock your feet in place more for those big slides. The board is all on one plane, no rocker and no camber — it’s also going to come in both 8 and 9-ply options so you can choose just how stiff you want it to be. Earthwing also said they allowed just a touch of torsional flex to allow you to control slides with more precision and distribute the slide evenly amongst the wheels all the while without sacrificing the stable feeling of the board. With a little bit of digging we also found out that the SuperModel will be offered in a 38″ version as well although we aren’t clear on the details quite yet. Again, since it’s Earthwing you’re only looking at a $99 price point for this super sweet, versatile, and classic board.

UPDATE 11/8/11! Thanks to fellow CT skater and friend Victor Tu I just saw a picture of the new SuperModel that looks like it surfaced about 5 days ago (so I’m a little late to the party on this one). Still felt like I should update the post to give a good look at what the new SuperModel is going to look like.

Here’s Liam Morgan in action on the Grease Hammer:

Southern Maryland Outlaw Slide Jam — Saturday (11/5)

I didn’t realize it before, but the Mid-Atlantic is going hard this weekend. Not only is the Sketch Skateboards Costume Jam going down in Chesapeake, VA but the Southern Maryland Slide Jam is also going to be in full effect.

The event will be taking place in Leondartown, MD in St. Mary’s County. The top of the hill is at the Circuit Courthouse , 41605 Courthouse Drive in Leonardtown, MD. Instead of parking at the top of the hill, drive all the way to the bottom and park Leonardtown Warf Public Parking Lot to avoid any tickets/tows, etc.  In the event that the original hill is blown up by police the backup hill has been set as Abells Warf Road. Since it’s an outlaw event there’s always concern with it being blow up — fortunately organizers have a backup hill within 5-10 mins of the first spot so if it comes to it the change of locations should be pretty smooth. Bathrooms and water will be within a 10-15 min trip so you don’t need to stock up with too much water or worry about finding a restroom.

Registration will start at 11:00am, there is a $5 entry fee per skater and the event is scheduled to kick off at around 12:00 noon. With over 100 guests confirmed on Facebook registration will likely take a little while, so you might even want to get there a little before 11:00am to be on the safe side (organizer Billy Jackle said in a Facebook Message that he’ll be there as early as 10:30). Organizers are asking people who end up getting to the spot a little early to refrain from skating it until the event actually starts. This should help keep things under control and allow the competition to run uninterrupted by police. Obviously helmet and gloves are required to skate.

The day will be comprised of at least two and possibly three different events: freeride slide jam, a double slalom race (old school 70’s style), and a downhill race (this is the iffy event and sounds like it’ll only happen if there is time to fill). Organizers said they might also do an impromptu hippie jump competition and flatland competitions if there’s demand for it, but it’s up in the air right now. Both hard and soft wheels are welcome at the event and will skate together at the slide jam, however they’ll be judged in separate categories.

Once the riding is over the plan is to push over to the local concrete skate park for some fun shredding (it’s longboard friendly) and the podium presentations. As always, since it’s an outlaw race the organizers made a special plea asking everyone to make sure they clean up after themselves at the event. If we respect spots, people at the spots should respect us. If you have any questions contact event organizer Billy Jackle at 240 237 0450.

If you end up at the event and have pictures or video send them my way for the wrap-up post! mike [at] skatetheeast.net

Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon Championships & Interview with Jeff Vyain

Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon Championship trophy.

The biggest names in both men’s and women’s push racing will be making their way down to Hallandale Beach, Florida this Saturday (11/5) for the  fourth and final leg of the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon Series. The course for Saturday features longer laps, requiring the racers to only complete 4 of them, as opposed to 12 in New York and 13 in Puerto Rico. Bustin’ Boards’ Cami Best had said in an interview with Adrenalina after the Plano, TX race — which also featured long laps — that fewer laps “makes it seem more attainable,” and allows you to focus on skating more rather than what lap you’re on. While the weather looks like it will be in the high 70s and sunny it’s not going to be just another day at the beach for competitors.

As with the previous legs of the ASM a whopping $30,000 prize purse is on the table, half of which (yes, that’s a full $15,000) goes to the first place male finisher. In addition to the prize money, the winner will be crowned the first ever Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon Champion and hoist the 20 pound trophy (which they unveiled 4 days ago) on the podium alongside the women’s ASM champion. In the previous 3 legs of the ASM we’ve seen three different winners: Jeff Vayin who won in New York City, his teammate Kiefer Dixon who won in Puerto Rico, and Paul Kent who won the last ASM in Plano, TX. Not only has every race seen a different winner, but the top 5 changes dramatically from race to race — for all intents and purposes this is really anyone’s game on Saturday. Favorites, of course are the previous three winners alongside Robin McGurik and Enrique Cubillo, both of whom posted impressive finishes in other recent push races. While there doesn’t appear to be a clear winner one thing is certain: Saturday is going to be one of the most exciting stops on the ASM this season.

I had the opportunity to talk to Jeff Vyain of Bustin’ Boards, and winner of the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon in New York City earlier this summer, via e-mail and asked him a few questions about the race coming up. Check it out below:

STE: What, if anything, have you done differently to train for the Championships on Saturday? If you didn’t make  any changes, are you wishing you had?

JV:” I have done a few workouts, so I guess that’s a change from the past two races anyway. I’ve also started drinking distilled water. That’s more of a lifestyle thing, though…not sure if it’ll have any impact on my racing. Been drinking a lot of Smoothies and I’m taking a suppliment powder that Paul’s been on since day 1, so I’m cutting that variable out of the mix! I wish I got a couple more workouts in but I’m going in mentally prepared, and that’s what’s most important.”

STE: Do you have any traditions or superstitions you try to abide by before a race?

JV: “I’m not superstitious in the sense that if I don’t get to do something, I don’t think it will impact my performance. I try to get decent sleep, though before Adrenalina NYC, I got about 2 hours, and that’s the only race I’ve won this year, so I can’t say that that matters all too much either. This is a mental game more than anything, and I don’t like to rely on things I may not always have control over. I’m always ready to race.”

Jeff Vyain, right, battles against Paul Kent, left, on his custom Bustin' Board

STE: With the Championship title and all that cash on the line, whats the atmosphere between competitors like  going into the race?

JV: “Kiefer is always quiet and kind of serious. Paul and I are always joking around, playing up our “rivalry” but talking strategies and trying to push each other to get better. Cami and Sara are always partying it up and endlessly bothering me with setup questions. I think everything’s pretty normal.”

STE: What’s the first thing you plan on doing if you win in Hallandale Beach?

JV: “I’m probably going to pay my dad off on some college loans he helped me out with a couple years ago. He’s been very patient with me 🙂 Thanks Dad! And I’d like to take Maribeth on a little vacation sometime this winter, maybe hit some slopes out west or something. And maybe one day I will build a pyramid.”

STE: So what comes next after the Championship? How do you plan on training through what looks to be  another harsh winter in NYC?

JV:” I’m going to get as deep into board building as possible. I’ve been happily put in charge of doing a lot of the prototyping for Bustin, and I’m having a really good time with it. I’m still learning, but it’s coming quickly. My goal for the winter is to get as deep into my work as possible and release some really sick boards next year.

Most of my training will probably be cross training. I’ll skate whenever I can, but I really want to get into a climbing gym and get my body back into shape. I’ve suffered from back problems ever since the NYC race, and the racing schedule has been so tight that all I’ve really been able to focus on is recovery rather than strengthening to prevent injury. That’s my main goal physically–to get as strong as possible so I can train a lot harder next year. New York was the only race I’ve really been able to train for, and at the time, I thought I was just getting started. Hopefully that is still the case and that it’s all just on a bit longer timeline than previously expected. I want to break some records next year. I still hope to do well in Florida, though. I’m not counting myself out!”

If you’ve ever seen Jeff’s custom Bustin’ Board that he designed with Subsonic (which he is riding in the image above) you know you should be extremely excited to see what he comes up with during the off-season! We’ll cover more of that when it comes time, until then get ready for what looks to be a very exciting race weekend in Hallandale, Flordia!

Best of luck to all the competitors, especially the East Coast constituency that has been doing so well!

Video: Skate House Media’s Take on the Broadway Bomb

Usually I try not to post two videos in a row, but this one is worth it. You probably remember seeing the picture I posted of me and longboarding all-star James Kelly — of the Arbor Collective, Abec-11, and Skate House Media — before the Broadway Bomb this year. He and a bunch of other guys from Skate House were there filming and participating in the 2011 Broadway Bomb, which we covered extensively here. They recently posted their short and sweet edit from this year’s Broadway Bomb and I must say, it’s one of the best I’ve seen this far. Features some excellent commentary at the end and an epic wipeout!