New Year’s Eve Slide Jam — Niceville, FL

While it continues to get colder throughout most of the East (although this past week has had some unseasonably warm days which we’re stoked about) Florida continues to hold down the competition scene, making good use of their nearly perfect year-round weather. With most of the attention focusing in on the King of Clermont race coming up in January, the New Year’s Eve Slide Jam ,which is going down in Niceville (about 2.5 hours west of Tallahassee and 1hr 15mins from Pensacola), has flown under the radar a bit.

The jam itself will start at around 12:00 noon and will run till around 4 or 4:30PM. People will be meeting up on Mansfield Street in Niceville, so make sure you show up a little early to get a good idea of where everyone is and make sure you’re registered, which brings us to our next point. The registration cost is at least 2 cans of non-perishable food to be donated to the local Sharing and Caring program to help feed those less fortunate. Many times donations like this cease or slow once Christmas and Hanukah are over, so we’re pumped to see the longboard scene continue to give back to the community as a whole, spreading the stoke in a completely different fashion, right on!

Prizes are going to the top 3 hard and soft wheel riders as well as prizes for best trick and longest slide. They’re also offering up a special prize for whoever beings the most cans of food, and judging by the sponsor list I’m betting it’ll be something very sweet. Our friends at Organgatang Wheels and Sketch Skateboards have signed on as sponsors in addition to others such as Randall Trucks, Original Skateboards, and Edge Boardshop, Uncle Funky’s and a few more.

Last but not least is the fact that both helmet and gloves are required. While gloveless seems to be a growing trend, make sure you remember to pack ’em or you’ll be sorry come competition time :-/. While gloves can be option so long as you’re skating within your limits, a helmet never should be. It only takes one fall to crack you head open and change your life dramatically, so strap that lid on!

The competition sounds like it should be a bunch of fun and feature some the Florida panhandle’s best skaters. There’s also going to be some big sessions going down between Christmas and New Years in Pensacola which you should also keep your eye out for. I know at least one northern skater who we’ve posted about here before, Chris O’Brien, is going to make the trek down, so there should be a diverse group of people riding! You can find more information on the Facebook Event or the Pensacola Longboarding group.

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