Our 100th Post! A Look Back…

Wow…I’m actually shocked that we’re already here, but this is Skate The East’s 100th post! Over the last 6 months it’s been a pleasure to cover events, break news, and showcase just how broad and impressive the East Coast longboarding scene really is. I can’t say thank you enough for supporting us and continuing to do so — it makes us want to work even harder to bring you better more news, events, videos, and even more pretty soon. That being said, we really are just heating up and can’t wait to start taking things to the next level. Keep your eyes peeled cause I hope to be announcing some bigger news soon…

For our 100th post I wanted to take a look back and showcase what you, the readers, have liked most. I dug through our web statistics and found our top 5 most visited posts:

  1. 2011 Broadway Bomb & More: Our most popular post by a fair amount we detailed all of the information about this year’s Broadway Bomb in October and answered questions for all of the bystanders who witnessed 1,200+ long boarders flocking the streets of Manhattan.
  2. Broadway Bomb 2011: How to Steer Clear of Trouble with the NYPD: It’s no surprise that our second most popular post is also related to the Broadway Bomb. As the event drew closer the big question on peoples minds had to do with what would and wouldn’t get them in trouble with the NYPD. We had all seen the videos from last year, and with the NYPD already on guard thanks to Occupy Wall Street most people wanted to make sure they weren’t going to draw unwanted attention. Fortunately we didn’t have any issues and actually had the NYPD shutting streets down for us.
  3. Surf-Rodz: Igniting an Industry (Part 1 of 2): One of our most controversial posts, it outlined how Surf-Rodz is leading the way in bringing more funding and recognition to the sport so the top longboarders in the world can do what they love full time, and push the sport to the next level.
  4. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Longboarding Deals & Skatesgiving Video: This post speaks for itself, this past weekend was the first Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend Skate The East experienced and I have to say, it caught us a little off guard. 5 updates later we caught what we feel are some of the best deals you could have gotten and couldn’t have done it without our readers commenting and e-mailing us to let us know when new ones popped up.
  5. Wrap-Up: 2011 Central MA Longboard Competition: Mike Girard’s Central MA Longboard Competition was one of the best events that went down on the East Coast this summer and will no doubt be even better next year. Both the Bustin’ and Earthwing crews made appearances at the event, which was the biggest to go down in New England by far. Rumor has it next year Mike is thinking about making it a 2 day event next year and it’s sure to attract even more skaters than this year — we can’t wait.

Of course, rounding out the top ten were posts like our interviews with Paul Kent and Jeff Vyain our news that the Broadway Bomb broke 1,000 registered skaters and a bunch of our wrap-up posts from events this summer.

I want to say thank you again for all the support so far — it makes the hard work well worth it. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss out on the photos, videos, give-aways, and more we don’t post here on the site. Back to our regular programming…

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