South Beach Bomb 2011 — 12/10 in Miami, Florida

Listen up folks, while it’s the slow season for competitions and slide jams, it doesn’t mean you can’t find any. Especially in a place like always sunny South Beach in Miami, Florida. The push race that has been growing at a steady clip over the past few years is back again to provide you with a great group skate right in the dead of winter. So far 162 people have responded to the Facebook event, but with another week and the Miami Longboard Crew’s Facebook page at over 1,200 members deep, I have a feeling they’ll be able to break at least 200. ┬áThe event has been causing a lot of talk up and down the east coast and will even have some of the Bustin’ Boards crew down there to skate and rep the Northeast!

This year they changed the course a little bit to make for an even more epic event. This year it will start by heading south on Abbott Ave until it mergest with Indian Creek Drive, which later becomes Collins Ave. Once on Collins you continue until Lincoln Road, make a right and a hard left onto Washington Ave and it’s an all out sprint to the finish so be ready to PUSH FAST! If that was confusing take a look at the map below — it might also be worth it to take a practice run before the race at some point to make sure you know the route well and don’t get lost.

It’s going to start promptly at 12:00PM on Saturday, December 10th and is FREE for everyone (yay!). Afterwards there’ll be a party, awards and prizes on the beach (uh…epic), something you surely won’t want to miss. You’ll be able to enjoy the company of a bunch of amazing skaters and cool off right away in the ocean, sounds like the best of both worlds to me. Helmet isn’t required but is highly recommended. Just like the Broadway Bomb NO SKITCHING!

Sponsors include Bustin’ Boards, Longboard Loft NYC, Gullwing Trucks, Comet Skateboards, Rat Rod NYC and more being added so there’ll be prizes galore without a doubt. More information can be found over at their Facebook event.

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