Clutch Buy: Windproof Boxers

I’m filing this one in the Downhill section since it’s extremely pertinent here. Male longboarders listen up as I have found what may prove to be the most clutch buy this season: windproof boxers. No, I didn’t mistype that, and yes, they exist. There comes a time in every male longboarder’s life when even the coldest of temperatures cannot keep him off his longboard, and no matter how many layers you throw on the cold wind whipping at 30+ mph is enough to stop anyone dead in their tracks…I don’t think I have to elaborate much more as to why…

Enter the windproof boxer. I first remembered these puppies earlier this year when an unusual cold spout at the end of October (which lead to the snowstorm that left most of the Northeast knocked out of commission for 9 or 10 days) but couldn’t find them on the racks at my local Eastern Mountain Sports (where I saw them the year before). Lo and behold when I went in a couple of days ago, there they were, offering a windproof paneling right where you want it most and their TechWick material to wick away moisture and keep you dry and warm. Through Tuesday you can get the EMS brand for 50% off online or in the stores, making them only $12.50 instead of $25. If you want to go a little more fancy, and trust me — it’s worth it, SmartWool also makes a set that are on sale for $44, down from $55.

Want even more options? A search on Amazon yielded a couple more results including a pair made by Craft that incorporate the use of Gore’s Wind Stopper fabric that are selling for between $32-$42 and a set by Terramar that sell for $14.95. I have to say though, the Terramar don’t look nearly as good as the other options.

(Full Disclosure: While I’m a part-time sales associate at Eastern Mountain Sports this post was in no way endorsed by or affiliated with the company.)

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