Video: Mike Girard Brings Some East Coast Swagger to Europe

At this point I don’t think it’s a secret that we like what Mike Girard does on a skateboard and the videos he produces. He’s almost constantly producing new edits showcasing him and friends (such as Norman Plant, Eric Roth, and Graham Fedderson) throwing down hard and repping Central MA like no one else. Mike traveled abroad to study in Dijon, France for the spring of his junior year at Colgate University where it appears he not only kept his head in the books, but his feet on his skateboards as well. Released in two parts Mike edited more than 15 minutes of footage showcasing some awesome and mouthwatering downhill runs, juicy freeride and downhill freeride spots and some great freestyle moves. Part II isn’t just freestyle, or dancing, however, as Mike also got some great shots ditch skating in what looks to be one of the more spots I’ve ever seen.

While Spain might be getting most of the attention when it comes to longboarding in Europe, Girard did a great job showing that France has some rising stars and unreal runs.

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