Quick! Skate The East vinyl sticker Give Away!

As I wait for the “I REP THE EAST” stickers to come in (hopefully tomorrow) I’ve been experimenting a bit with some sweet vinyl stickers that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with. Unlike most stickers which are a continuous rectangle of vinyl, each letter on these stickers has been individually cut out, meaning that if you’re applying them to a curved surface (say a helmet or bottom of a board) they tend to stick a bit better and come out wrinkle-free. Pretty sweet right? Not only that, but they tend to look like they’re actually part of whatever you apply them to. Check out the sticker I put on my Apex 40 for an example.

There was a lot of feedback when I posted the first picture, mostly being “I WANT ONE!” so I’ve taken some steps to offer them on sale soon (along with the “I REP THE EAST” stickers) but in the mean time wanted to get a few out there to you guys.

I’m giving away 5 stickers (2 green “Skate The East.net” block stickers, 1 white “Skate The East.net” block sticker, 2 “Skate The East.net” strip stickers) for this round, each person has the chance to win one. We’ll let entries stay open through tomorrow at midnight (Friday 12:00AM EST).

To enter you must comment on THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST (which requires you to be logged into Facebook) and must also like the contest picture on our Facebook page. Make sure you do both so you’re entered. If you miss out on this one don’t worry, once these stickers are in stock we’ll not only have them for sale but do a few more give aways as well!

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