You Want Stickers? We’ve Officially Got Them! (Also, winners of the Give Away)

Man has it been busy here over the past couple of days! The good news, however, is that we officially have both the “I REP THE EAST” and “Skate The” stickers on sale in our online store! Individually the stickers are $1.50 a piece and are also being sold in multipacks (“I REP THE EAST” in 5 packs, “Skate The” in 3 packs) that will save you about a $1.00 compared to buying them individually. Think of buying a Skate The East sticker as a donation to the site more than anything, the proceeds from these sticker sales are going straight into paying the hosting bills for the site and will help ensure that we continue to bring you the best East Coast longboarding coverage out there. By supporting us you’re supporting the East Coast scene as a whole, so show some love if you can! Head over to to check ’em out.

We also have winners for our sticker contest! Just like last time I simply entered all the names into a spreadsheet and used to select 5 numbers. The winners are (in no particular order):

  1. Jake Wade
  2. Mike Linehan
  3. Matt Hogan
  4. Tristan Burke
  5. Nolan San Pedro

They’ve all been contacted and I’ve heard back from a couple, if the rest don’t get back to me soon I’ll do another drawing!

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