Video: Landyachtz East Coast College Tour Episode 1

If you haven’t been able to see them at one of their stops so far then have no fear because the first episode of the Landyachtz East Coast tour will get you up to speed with what you’ve missed so far. It’s got some gnarly shredding from the Landy crew in New York and New Jersey and has some great clips of our boy and Eden Racing team rider Josh Wright. Peep it below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Video: John Sevik’s Lifelong Longboards Edit

You’ll no doubt remember the short but unreal techsliding video John Sevik did with John Kruetter not too long ago. He’s back at it again on his YouTube channel, crazytac0, with a new edit for Lifelong Longboards featuring some of the team riders from the Washington D.C. area shredding the increasingly popular Lifelong Seeker. It does a great job showcasing the Seeker’s freeride ability and is absolutely beautiful, featuring some of the best editing and camera work in longboarding films, something that we’ve come to expect from Sevik’s edits. As always it’s short but sweet but will have you watching it again immediately after.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

Rider Profile: Bruce Clark

Bruce Clark is known to many Connecticut and Massachusetts shredders for his fearlessly fast heelside and toeside slides and his all around stoked-out attitude that turns almost every session into one filled with progression of all sorts. We’ve been meaning to make a rider profile for Bruce since the summer and finally got around to it today, just weeks before Bruce makes a semi-permanent move out to Santa Cruz, CA. This is just a taste of what this young ripper has in his basket of tricks, something we hope we’ll get to explore more soon.

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Team Mids Presents: A Day of Downhill at Prospector Hill (MA — 5/5/12)

If you’re looking for some absolutely fun downhill action then this is the event to be at. Going down on May 5th, Team Mids is hosting a downhill race 20 minutes outside of Boston in Waltham, MA at “Prospector Hill.” The exact location will be announced as the race draws near to prevent it from being blown up too early, if you’d like to skate it before the race feel free to contact the host via Facebook. The race will feature 3 man heats with the top 2 moving on to the next round and will be on a closed course with top speeds in the 40s. Sound fun yet? It gets better.

In true East Coast fashion the course is a little janky and will surely cause some spills for first-time riders as it requires some high speed speed-checks to get around the 9 challenging turns. The course length is 3/4 of a mile and has 2 very short push sections. The course is dangerous while riding in packs, especially for those who aren’t used to it, so a helmet and gloves are going to be required and every racer will also need to sign and submit a waiver. It’s all going to start at 11:00AM but we recommend getting there a little early to walk the course, get ready, and talk to the event organizers a little bit.

For this same reason there will be qualifying runs to keep safety as high as possible (we have a note on how they’ll judge who is fit to race and who isn’t below). Race fees are paid on the race day after you qualify and will help pay for  water and other essentials (I’ve also heard the possibility of a cash prize!).  Not only that, but any profits are being donated to Restorative Justice, so your fees are going to a good spot no matter what which should stoke you out even more!

So how are they doing qualifying you ask?

About qualifications:
The admins of this event will position themselves at the most challenging corner of the hill, and the prospecting racers will skate into the corner as best they can. We will see whether or not you’re fit to race (don’t worry, we’ll be very forgiving and will be able to recognize skill even if you don’t make the turn). This will be hilarious to watch.

A large number of high quality sponsors are throwing in some swag for the event such as Lifelong Longboards, Loaded/Orangatang, Bustin’ Boards, Passion Skate Decks and a number of others. This is also one of the first events we’re helping to sponsor and are super stoked to be a part of it!

Check out a couple of videos the guys did to promote the race, the first of which is one of the funniest promo videos I’ve ever seen. The second video does a very good job at showing you the whole course including the push sections. Props to Stretch House Media’s Eric Roth on those.

Peep the flyer below and feel free to comment below with any questions or pop over to the Facebook Event and ask there.

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UPDATED: Lifelong Officially Releases Highly Anticipated “Seeker”

Lifelong Longboards is a fairly new name in the game but have been no stranger to publicity over the past few months, thanks mostly to the young and very talented team they’ve accrued, and their highly anticipated freeride board, the “Seeker.” A limited number of people were able to take advantage of the graphic-less “pre-sale” Seeker that was available (which I thought looked super sleek) but once that went away people were left to feind for the deep W concave with no definitive date from Lifelong as to when the Seeker would be officially on sale. Wait no more, because as of yesterday the Seeker is finally here and here to stay.

The board, designed primarily for freeriding and light downhill is a double-kick symmetrical shape. It’s 41 inches long with a 27/28 inch wheelbase. It’s 10 inches wide at it’s widest point and tapers off to 9.75 inches at its narrowest. It’s got half an inch of rocker and nice and deep 5/8inch concave in addition to the big W they’re becoming known for.

The new look is the biggest change (I think only change, actually) between the “pre-sale” Seeker and final version. I’m very happy to see that they didn’t decide to cover up the beautiful looking bamboo veneer but instead created a fairly elegant looking graphic that compliments the stained bamboo very nicely. The final product really does look pretty and has a somewhat summer feel to it. No doubt you’ll see these puppies popping up on freeride hills near you very soon as it’s already established itself as a freeride classic with it’s massive W concave and super-usable kicktails. UPDATE: I stand corrected on the major differences between the “pre-sale” Seeker and the final version. The other major difference between the “pre-sale” Seeker and the final version is the makeup of the board’s core. The final seeker has strayed from being all bamboo to using a rock hard maple base to give it added stiffness and stability and make for a solid standing platform.


Below is a video of our homie and Lifelong Team Rider Chris O’Brien rocking the Seeker hard in a promo video he did for the board’s release. Also, you can use Chris’s coupon code “Chris5off” (note the capital “C”) at checkout to receive — you guessed it — $5 off the price.

Video: Team Mids Storms CT

I met up with some of the usual CT homies such as Andrew Supertramp, Laura Nocka, and Jack Woods to go meet the guys from Team Mids who were back in town to shred Freeride Heaven. The guys were shredding hard by the time we got there and had already laid down a solid amount of thane in the hour or so they had been warming up. I’m currently on crutches due to a skiing accident (see what happens when you DON’T skate kids?) so I wasn’t as mobile as I usually am and couldn’t get some of the best shots of the day but still managed to capture some of Team Mids steeze in a short and sweet edit for y’all.

Big shout outs to Eric Roth, Norman Plante, Matt Driscoll, Kieran Kaiter-Snyder and Hughie Allen from CT.

Make sure you peep it in 1080p for it’s full glory.

New Jersey Slide Jam 7 — 3/31

New Jersey Slide Jam 7 is going down on March 31st and is looking like it’ll be a stellar time just like NJ Slide Jam 6 was. The New Jersey Slide Jam series consistently attract a ton of people from all over the Tri-State area and prove to be a ton of fun from what I’ve heard. From the amount of thane that was left on the hill in all of the pictures I saw, this is an event that can’t not be fun (notice the double negative, you like that haha?). In the spirit of March a green shirt is highly required but not necessary.

The Bustin’ Crew will no doubt be in full attendance since they rep pretty hard as should a lot of the Original guys as well as some of the Earthwing Legends like Steve Kong (pictured in the flyer).

The event has some dope sponsors as always with prizes going to the usual categories if they keep the same setup as last time (info is scarce on Facebook). If you were at any of the other NJ Slide Jams then the location hasn’t changed but in the interest of not blowing the spot it’s not being publicly posted. Head on over to the Facebook Event and message the host, Tyler Hill to get more info on WHERE it’s all going down.

The event is starting at 11:30 and is expected to last until around 2:30 with lots of sessions going down all over the place afterward I’m sure. Get there a bit early to make sure you’re all set and ready to rock when things get going. Consult the Facebook Event and Tyler Hill with any specific questions.

East Coast Landyachtz University Longboard Tour!

There’s a high chance you heard a lot about the university tour Landyachtz embarked on over the fall/ beginning of winter and kept asking yourself, “Man why aren’t they doing this out East?” Well folks, good news: they are. Yes, you heard me, Landyachtz is headed East to spread the stoke and will be making appearances up and down (but mostly down) the East Coast. Check the schedule below to find out if they’ll be at a university/college near you and when. Unfortunately if you’re in the New England you’re out of luck unless you’re willing to trek down to the Tri-State area or Mid-Atlantic, which might be worth your while with some of the events popping off down there.

We’re pumped that they’ll be shredding and helping to judge at the Washington D.C. Kickoff Jam  which looks like it’ll  be off the hook. It’s something you should try to get to if you can, as of right now I’m planning on making the trip down and have heard the same from many others.

I also heard that they’ll be judging at the UNC Longboard Club’s Splendiferous Slide Jam that’s going down on the 31st, giving North Carolina students an extra day to chill with the Landy crew. We’ll have more info on the jam going down at UNC later.

Check the dates below for your chance to meet and shred with some of the guys from Landyachtz while they’re touring the East! Let’s show them a good time and prove that the East Coast holds their own no matter what.

Washington D.C./Metro Area Season Kickoff Slide Jam — 3/24

Fresh off our interview and video with John Kruetter (who literally took the interwebs by storm this past week) I figured it’s the perfect time to make sure everyone knows about the Washington D.C./Metro Area Season Kickoff Slide Jam (talk about a long title) going down on March 24th. They just recently announced the location as Spring of Freedom Lane, NW in Washington, D.C. (the Czech Embassy is at the top of the hill). While I don’t know much about D.C. I have a feeling that with Billy “Daisy Cutter” Jackle as one of the organizers people won’t be disappointed. Oh yeah, and they’ll have a kicker to hit!

The event looks like it’ll be a lot of fun and a really laid back atmosphere with a lot of chances to win some great prizes. It’ll be a true jam in the sense that everyone will skate their face off and judges will ask for names as they see necessary. The sponsor list is absolutely MASSIVE (23 so far) and could end up being one of the best chances you have to win gear this season. Seriously — there’s that much gear it looks like they’ll be giving away.

UPDATE: Rumor has it that the Landyachtz crew will be in attendance to help assist with not only judging but shredding as well. You’ve undoubtedly seen their YouTube videos and know that when Landy comes to town it’s not something you wanna miss. Speaking of which, if you don’t catch them at this jam you’ll have a several other chances to catch them as they tour the East Coast this spring!

Everything is going to get going at around 10:30am with open skate lasting until 2:30PM. From 2:30PM-3:00PM there’ll be a finals round with a select number of skaters (although they haven’t said how many will move on) followed by awards/give-aways. So far 230 people have RSVP’ed as “Going” on Facebook, while not everyone will go there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the event and I have a feeling we’ll see a very large turnout. Lots of people are coming in from far away, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see 100 or more people on the hill.

There are some rules that the organizers have asked everyone to be super vigilant about, mostly relating to respecting the Czech Embassy so they’ll let more events be hosted there in the future.

1. you must dispose of all trash properly. The embassy has been kind enough to let us use the hill, but we CANNOT LEAVE TRASH I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS. WE CANNOT MESS THIS UP FOR THE OTHER EVENTS THAT ARE BEING HELD HERE!
2. spectators will need to be in the middle and bottom areas of the hill. not at the top. the embassador’s driveway is up there and we cannot block it, and NO SKATING ON THE STEEP AREA OF GRASS NEXT TO THE EMBASSY.
3. find parking elsewhere, not on the jam hill, this will ruin the skating
4. dont arrive before 10:00 A.M.
5. Helmets and gloves required to skate in this event

Check the Facebook Event for any specific questions and for updates.


Nelson Longboards Announce 2012 Lineup!

There’s a solid chance that if you’ve been to any competitions or slide jams, especially out on the East Coast, you’ve run into someone rocking either a Nelson Longboards Spindrift or Topspin. Based out of New Jersey, Nelson has been getting a lot of talk both on the East Coast and across the country. The classic boards they’re known best for feature a microdrop and “W” concave that most people describe as extremely comfortable and functional for both freeriding and light downhill alike but lacked what has recently become an extremely popular feature: kicktails.

Announced just over a half hour ago, the new additions to the 2012 Nelson Longboards lineup appears to build off of the most successful and loved features from the Topspin and Spindrift while adding even more options and functionality. Dubbed the “Tempest” and “Cyclone” the two boards feature slightly shorter wheelbases than their predecessors in addition to a much smaller standing platform to make easy use of the kicktails.

The Tempest is the new topmount freeride and light downhill deck coming out for 2012. At 42″ the Tempest is the longest deck Nelson currently offers, 2″ longer than the Topspin and Spindrift and a full 2.5″ longer than it’s sister, the Cyclone. Most of the added length appears to be thanks to the kicktails, however, meaning that the Tempest still has a comfortable 24.5″ standing platform that should allow you to take advantage of the big 4.6″ kicktails. The wheelbase is adjustable between 27.5″ and 28.5″ depending on your preference and how much leverage you want from the kicks.

The Cyclone is drop-through sibling to the Tempest. Because it’s a double drop design and the inherent structural weakness produced by drop-through boards the kicktails on the Cyclone are about 1.6″ shorter (3″) than the Tempest’s with the overall length being 39.5″. Just like the Tempest the standing platform is 24.5″ and features a fixed wheelbase of 28.5″.

It’s not like the Topspin and Spindrift aren’t getting any love, however. Both boards are sporting new and improved W concave in addition to sexy new graphics to make them match the new siblings in the lineup.

Now, I also know what you’re asking — WHAT ABOUT THE NELSON STINGRAY?! Well the good news there is that Rich answered that question when he announced the 2012 lineup, the bad news is that it won’t be dropping as part of this March release. Rich said that it’s simply not dialed in and needs a bit more testing before it can be released, something I personally hope doesn’t take all too long.

Check out the full post from Rich over on the ‘Fish if you want more details. Hopefully we’ll be able to see these in person soon and let you know how they ride!