East Coast Landyachtz University Longboard Tour!

There’s a high chance you heard a lot about the university tour Landyachtz embarked on over the fall/ beginning of winter and kept asking yourself, “Man why aren’t they doing this out East?” Well folks, good news: they are. Yes, you heard me, Landyachtz is headed East to spread the stoke and will be making appearances up and down (but mostly down) the East Coast. Check the schedule below to find out if they’ll be at a university/college near you and when. Unfortunately if you’re in the New England you’re out of luck unless you’re willing to trek down to the Tri-State area or Mid-Atlantic, which might be worth your while with some of the events popping off down there.

We’re pumped that they’ll be shredding and helping to judge at the Washington D.C. Kickoff Jam  which looks like it’ll  be off the hook. It’s something you should try to get to if you can, as of right now I’m planning on making the trip down and have heard the same from many others.

I also heard that they’ll be judging at the UNC Longboard Club’s Splendiferous Slide Jam that’s going down on the 31st, giving North Carolina students an extra day to chill with the Landy crew. We’ll have more info on the jam going down at UNC later.

Check the dates below for your chance to meet and shred with some of the guys from Landyachtz while they’re touring the East! Let’s show them a good time and prove that the East Coast holds their own no matter what.

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