UPDATED: Lifelong Officially Releases Highly Anticipated “Seeker”

Lifelong Longboards is a fairly new name in the game but have been no stranger to publicity over the past few months, thanks mostly to the young and very talented team they’ve accrued, and their highly anticipated freeride board, the “Seeker.” A limited number of people were able to take advantage of the graphic-less “pre-sale” Seeker that was available (which I thought looked super sleek) but once that went away people were left to feind for the deep W concave with no definitive date from Lifelong as to when the Seeker would be officially on sale. Wait no more, because as of yesterday the Seeker is finally here and here to stay.

The board, designed primarily for freeriding and light downhill is a double-kick symmetrical shape. It’s 41 inches long with a 27/28 inch wheelbase. It’s 10 inches wide at it’s widest point and tapers off to 9.75 inches at its narrowest. It’s got half an inch of rocker and nice and deep 5/8inch concave in addition to the big W they’re becoming known for.

The new look is the biggest change (I think only change, actually) between the “pre-sale” Seeker and final version. I’m very happy to see that they didn’t decide to cover up the beautiful looking bamboo veneer but instead created a fairly elegant looking graphic that compliments the stained bamboo very nicely. The final product really does look pretty and has a somewhat summer feel to it. No doubt you’ll see these puppies popping up on freeride hills near you very soon as it’s already established itself as a freeride classic with it’s massive W concave and super-usable kicktails. UPDATE: I stand corrected on the major differences between the “pre-sale” Seeker and the final version. The other major difference between the “pre-sale” Seeker and the final version is the makeup of the board’s core. The final seeker has strayed from being all bamboo to using a rock hard maple base to give it added stiffness and stability and make for a solid standing platform.


Below is a video of our homie and Lifelong Team Rider Chris O’Brien rocking the Seeker hard in a promo video he did for the board’s release. Also, you can use Chris’s coupon code “Chris5off” (note the capital “C”) at checkout to receive — you guessed it — $5 off the price.

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