Nelson Longboards Announce 2012 Lineup!

There’s a solid chance that if you’ve been to any competitions or slide jams, especially out on the East Coast, you’ve run into someone rocking either a Nelson Longboards Spindrift or Topspin. Based out of New Jersey, Nelson has been getting a lot of talk both on the East Coast and across the country. The classic boards they’re known best for feature a microdrop and “W” concave that most people describe as extremely comfortable and functional for both freeriding and light downhill alike but lacked what has recently become an extremely popular feature: kicktails.

Announced just over a half hour ago, the new additions to the 2012 Nelson Longboards lineup appears to build off of the most successful and loved features from the Topspin and Spindrift while adding even more options and functionality. Dubbed the “Tempest” and “Cyclone” the two boards feature slightly shorter wheelbases than their predecessors in addition to a much smaller standing platform to make easy use of the kicktails.

The Tempest is the new topmount freeride and light downhill deck coming out for 2012. At 42″ the Tempest is the longest deck Nelson currently offers, 2″ longer than the Topspin and Spindrift and a full 2.5″ longer than it’s sister, the Cyclone. Most of the added length appears to be thanks to the kicktails, however, meaning that the Tempest still has a comfortable 24.5″ standing platform that should allow you to take advantage of the big 4.6″ kicktails. The wheelbase is adjustable between 27.5″ and 28.5″ depending on your preference and how much leverage you want from the kicks.

The Cyclone is drop-through sibling to the Tempest. Because it’s a double drop design and the inherent structural weakness produced by drop-through boards the kicktails on the Cyclone are about 1.6″ shorter (3″) than the Tempest’s with the overall length being 39.5″. Just like the Tempest the standing platform is 24.5″ and features a fixed wheelbase of 28.5″.

It’s not like the Topspin and Spindrift aren’t getting any love, however. Both boards are sporting new and improved W concave in addition to sexy new graphics to make them match the new siblings in the lineup.

Now, I also know what you’re asking — WHAT ABOUT THE NELSON STINGRAY?! Well the good news there is that Rich answered that question when he announced the 2012 lineup, the bad news is that it won’t be dropping as part of this March release. Rich said that it’s simply not dialed in and needs a bit more testing before it can be released, something I personally hope doesn’t take all too long.

Check out the full post from Rich over on the ‘Fish if you want more details. Hopefully we’ll be able to see these in person soon and let you know how they ride!

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