John Kreutter Joins Team Yeehaw!

Friend of the site and renowned East Coast shredder John Kreutter hit me up today to let me know that he’s joined the likes of Ross Druckery, Max Myers, Jimmy Riha, Peter Eubank, and Dustin Hampton and become an official team rider on Yeehaw! Apparel & Decals. If you’re not familiar with Yeehaw then you should definitely give them a look as they’re making some rad gear and custom stickers while also supporting artists within the skate community. Yeehaw collaborates with artists within the community to come up with rad looking designs and graphics and then shares 20% of the profits from their design with the artist, not only getting them exposure but some always needed cash as well.

They make some great looking gear and seem like their out to spread the stoke and support artists within the community so be sure to give em a look and a big and heartfelt congrats to John Kreutter for rackin’ up another team to call home. Keep shredding homie, I can’t wait to see what you come up with soon.

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