Wrap-Up: Washington D.C. Kickoff Slide Jam (3/24/12)

While this is long overdue I felt like I still had to get around to posting it. If you haven’t heard by now the Washington D.C./Metro Area Kickoff Slide Jam went down last Saturday in, surprise surprise, Washington D.C. Despite the sour weather the event didn’t disappoint at all and organizers Billy DaisyCutter Jackle and Liam Hayes did a great job keeping things flowing well, even as the morning got off to a slow start.

All in all over 100 skaters showed up to shred the hill, taking advantage of the wet pavement to bust out some long and technical slides that might not have otherwise been possible had the pavement been dry. Local area skater and Landyachtz team rider John Kreutter was at the event repping in full force as was Push Culture’s Travis Davenport, and our very own Henry Goguen. The rest of the Landyachtz team ended up showing up (albeit a few hours late thanks to traffic and whatnot on their trip in from PennState University), although it was after we had to leave the competition which I was pretty bummed about. Fortunately some good pictures are starting to surface and they’ll have some video from the event on their next episode of their East Coast University Tour.

As we mentioned in the original post there were sponsors galore and lots of winners, check out the results below:

  1. Matt Rosborg
  2. John Kreutter
  3. Sam Abramson
  4. Spencer Flaherty
  5. David Kynett


  1. Brandon Harrison
  2. Mark Ojenko
  3. Justin Metcalf

Top Grom: William Chapman
Women: Jenica Davenport
Top Kicker: Sam Abramson
Kick of the Rain: Scott Herdleston

If you weren’t there to catch any of the action yourself check out our video below and some of the pictures taken by D.C. local Anthony Smallwood.

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