Newington Slide Jam w/ special guest Liam Morgan

I’ve been a bit behind with posts lately but had to make sure I got the word out about the slide jam that Billy Wilson has been putting together for a while and Skate The East is helping to host that’s going down THIS SATURDAY, June 30th in Newington, CT. This event is going to be one of the best slide jams of the summer without a doubt with riders coming in from all over to session what is in my opinion one of the best freeride hills Southern New England.

We’ll have a few different categories for prizes along with your usual top 3 (longest slide, best trick, etc.) but the main point of this event is to come out and GET STOKED! This is seriously a great hill so be excited, Billy and I have been dreaming about doing an event here since this past fall.

The event itself is taking place on Stage Coach Lane in Newington, CT. Note the space in “Stage Coach,” there is another road named Stagecoach Lane in nearby Rocky Hill, CT — THEY ARE NOT THE SAME PLACE! People end up at the wrong road all the time, so make sure you put that space in between the two words. You should plan to park at the bottom of the hill on Little Brook Drive, make sure cars are  only parking on one side of the road — we don’t want to impede traffic. There are little side streets that cut off of Little Brook Drive that you’re free to park on as well, such as Valley View Drive. Alternate parking is at the top of the hill off of Lamplighter Lane.

Registration will be starting at around 10:30AM, as you walk up the hill you’ll see a vacant lot off of Trotter Lane where Billy and I will have tables set up and possibly a small tent for you to come and register under. Come, give your name and get a number assigned to you. Unless you register, we’ll have no clue how to know who was who when it comes time to decide winners.

Rules are pretty loose, you must wear a helmet to compete but all other safety gear (helmets, knee pads, etc) are encouraged, but not required. Let’s stay away from any public drinking and refrain from poking smot (that’s smoking the devil’s lettuce for you that don’t follow too close) near the hill or your cars please, it’s a residential neighborhood so let’s be respectful to the people that live there. That really is the biggest rule guys, be ultra respectful to the people that live in this neighborhood. This is a hill that Billy and I skate a LOT, it’s our home hill and we have a good relationship with the neighbors and intend to keep it that way. Pick up your litter, be respectful, and let people get to and from their houses if they’re driving through and this thing is going to go off without a hitch.

One thing I forgot to mention is Comet Skateboards and Caliber rider Liam Morgan is going to be in attendance along with plenty of other riders we’ve been featuring regularly including Nelson’s newest team member Eric Roth. Join the Facebook Event for any additional and last minute details as they’ll be communicated through a message to attendees, although we’ll also update our Facebook Page and Twitter account as well.

Video: Shred Sessions Volume 1

Luke Greenspun, Jake Wade, and Noah Davis all take to one of our favorite freeride spots to enjoy a break in the rainy weather we’ve had lately and do what they love to do most, shred.

Shred Sessions will be a continuing series with a rotating cast of skaters from up and down New England brought to you by Skate The

Jake rides for Nelson longboards, is riding a Nelson Tempest and is rocking a new set of FoJoe Skid Marks, Noah rides for Original Skateboards and is rocking an Apex 40 on Flashbacks. Luke Greenspun is rocking a Comet Ethos on a set of Sector 9 RaceForms.

Video: Brian Peck and Matt K. in Hawaii with Paris

Confusing title? Not really, last month friend of the site and Connecticut native Brian Peck traveled to Hawaii with fellow Paris Truck Co. rider Matt Kienzle (Matt K. as he’s come to be known) to shred some mountains, film some video, and spread the word about Paris. This video is absolutely beast mode, I’m not a fan of videos more than a couple of minutes long at all, but the diversity of terrain and disciplines they show, all with absolutely gnarly stunts, makes it a captivating watch all the way through. Be sure to peep Brian’s fluid boneless and Matt K.’s edge of the sidewalk grind starting at 2:00 that I had to go back and watch a couple of times before moving on.

If you aren’t too familiar with Brian much stay tuned as we’re planning to do a rider profile with him before the summer’s out!

1st BIRTHDAY GIVE AWAY: Triple 8 Hard Foam Brainsaver!


Alright folks we officially turned 1 year old at the start of this month and to celebrate we’re going to give away a Triple 8 Brainsaver helmet!

This is the hard foam, CPSC certified helmet (size L/XL), meaning it’ll protect your noggin at higher speeds and during harder impacts — the precise type of accidents longboarding causes. If you remember back a couple months ago we took a look at this, as well as the multi-impact version, with Henry and Chris O’Brien which is embedded again below in case you missed it before.

I’ll put together a full birthday post for later in the week but first let’s get the contest rules laid out.

  1. You must LIKE Skate The East on Facebook.
  2. You must also LIKE the Triple 8 NYC page on Facebook.
  3. COMMENT on our Facebook photo announcing the contest.
  4. Get your friends to LIKE YOUR COMMENT.
  5. The comment with the most likes at 12:00AM on Saturday will be declared the winner.

A quick note: the winner must be a resident of the East Coast of the United States. While we’re pumped that we have readers and strong support from across the country as well as the world, we’re saying thanks to our East Coast shredders for supporting our cause and being proud of where they’re from.

AS AN ADDED BONUS TO SAY THANK YOU I’m also going to give away 3 sticker packs to random comments, so even if you don’t win the grand prize there’s a chance you’ll still walk away with something.