Bruce Clark Joins Cult Wheels — Result: #Profit

Man oh man does this post feel good to write. As I sit here, it’s 12:15 AM, Hurricane Sandy is still raining down upon us and suddenly a ray of light comes out of no where. What, you ask, is that ray? Nothing other than the news we’ve wanted to hear for so long: Bruce Clark has been picked up by Cult Wheels! Bruce, you’ll remember, is one of our good friends and a legendary shredder in the east coast scene. Bruce went harder than most ever dream of going, and proved that the east can go as big as their west coast counterparts over and over again. Last spring Bruce made the big move to California but has stayed true to his east coast roots and is still a huge stoke factor in the scene. Him getting picked up by Cult awesome news and we couldn’t be happier for him.

To celebrate and announce that Bruce joined the family he put together one of the dopest edits we’ve seen in a minute. Yes, it’s a west coast video, which we really almost never do — but this is a good friend and it’s too well done to not post. Enjoy and join us in wishing Bruce a heartfelt congrats and best of luck! Big things to come for sure!


Video: Ed Garner does his thing

Ed Garner, reppin’ Team Doggied-Out, kills it on his double kick in his new video. Ed’s got some sick style, pushing it a little bit out of his comfort zone and thats dope. You can tell that Ed is hustlin’ his skating faster and is really skating at the top of his ability. This kind of shit gets me stoked, a fellow Eastcoaster doing shit the way he wants to do it and not taking crap from nobody. Respect. Check his video out, you won’t regret it..

– Connor

Video: Sweepin’ ‘Pins

Henry and I headed out today to one of our favorite spots in New England with the gnarliest set of hairpins that I’ve ever come across. The pave is perfect for pre-drifting and the way they’re banked makes it feel like a roller coaster — mix in this amazing fall weather and you have a perfect skate session.

Enjoy as Henry shreds and let us know what you think in the comments! Give it a ‘Thumbs Up’ and make sure you’re subscribed to stay up to date with videos that we add and don’t post here on the blog!

NYC to Longboarders: Race or flashmob, you’ll be subject to arrest.

UPDATE: More and more information keeps coming out about the event and the legal proceedings surrounding the Bomb and while it was still somewhat vague as to how serious this all was, but it’s now becoming quite clear. Thanks to the entire injunction being posted online it’s pretty clear to anyone that reads it that if you’ve registered to participate in the Bomb in any capacity, either Facebook or NCDSA, and are at the former rally point on a skateboard you’re subject yourself to arrest. You can check the document out for yourself, they took screenshots of the Facebook event, registration page, etc. so be aware that if you are arrested, they’ll probably have clear evidence against you. Check it out for yourself, sounds like things have really escalated beyond what anyone previously was reporting. Once again we are not organizing any events or meetups, simply reporting the facts as they come about. 

If you’ve been following along closely, you’re well aware that the Broadway Bomb has been officially cancelled by its organizer, Ian Nichols, and that many people are planning alternate events/meet-ups in its stead (note: we aren’t organizing any of these but have seen many popping up on Facebook). As I mentioned in an earlier post, the size of event and number of participants make it biggest thing happening in NYC this weekend, focusing all of the City’s attention and resources on the former race route.

It’s been getting a lot of attention from news sources, both local and national, such as WCBS, The New York Times, and The Gothamist (who ran a link to our story about last year’s Bomb), leading to lots of confusion and a lot of people asking, “What’s the deal?”

The Gothamist appeared to do the best at outlining what the City has said which boils down to: no matter what you call it, flashmob or race, if you’re participating Saturday you could face arrest. The City’s Law Department released a statement to address the growing number of questions about what exactly the summons that Ian Nichols received which ended with:

 “The Court, in granting the City’s application, has required the race organizers to notify the participants that neither the Broadway Bomb race, nor any substitute race and/or flash mob, will occur and that the participants in any such event will be subject to arrest.”

That’s the first time we’ve seen that the flashmob was expressly prohibited as well. Looks like the city has put its foot down and said: no matter what you call it, we don’t want this happening. From the massive response on Facebook, however, it’s not clear how effective the City has been at deterring people from participating or communicating exactly what will happen if a flashmob does occur. (see update above)

No matter what though, NYC skaters have been vocal on Facebook about making sure that if you’re in the City and on a skateboard that you be polite, obedient, and not ruin the lengths they’ve come to promote a positive image of the sport. They basically keep saying, “Don’t be THAT guy that ruins skating in NYC for us.”

We’ll be watching to see what happens at noon tomorrow and will keep you updated accordingly.


Video: Derty Jerz

last turn of the freeride section, steep, banked, way too much fun.

Last weekend a couple of East Coast skaters, Tom Leary, Jordan Billingsly, and Alec Caputo, crashed at my house for a slide jam and a dank day of shredding. We woke up early and skated until we couldn’t. We also got some ridiculously dank sandwiches at my local deli. The slide jam was cool, buncha shredders showed up, no problems with the police, and the locals were pretty stoked for the most part, all in all it went very smoothly. After the jam we munched on said sandwiches and headed to this gnarly, turny, steep ass road that we sessioned for the rest of the day. A lot of other cool people came too, like Josh Wright, Laura Nocka, Noah Davis, …josh, and Tyler Doherty. Everyone was ripping, and we managed to film some clips that Tom threw together to make an incredibly rad edit. Check this video out and subscribe to his channel, kid knows how to make a fucking video!!


.. Oh yeah and Alec made an edit too. You probably already saw it in one of our previous posts but I’m gonna re post it here anyways. Check out Alec’s channel for solid edits of some skaters doing it right on the Right coast.

10 Tips for Surviving the Broadway Bomb

If you’re planning on flocking to New York City this weekend to take place in the Broadway Bomb, especially if its your first time, listen up cause we’ve got some tips to help you survive! If this is your first Broadway Bomb make sure you’ve already read up on the weekend’s full set of events over at our Broadway Bomb 2012 post. Make sure you stay up to date with everything else related to the Broadway Bomb as we gear up for the weekend by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

1. Stay aware

As my high school water polo coach used to tell us, “Keep your head on a constant swivel!” Unlike any other event when you’re skating in the Bomb you’re absolutely surrounded by skaters constantly. With all that pushing and all those people bodies and boards go flying regularly, and if you’re not paying attention to what’s going on with other skaters around you it’s only a matter of time before you join them. It all comes back to this one, so make sure you’re keeping yourself in check and know what’s going on around you at all times.

2. Be in the front or in the back, not the middle.

It’s way easier to avoid a lot of hazards that come with skating in such a big pack if you just decide to either stick to the front or the back. The front is the better choice as the pack will keep you moving fast and if you get tired there are always skaters behind you to keep you motivated. If you can keep the real leaders of the pack in sight you’re also sure to avoid getting lost. Which brings us to number 3…

3. Know the route!

Make sure you double check the route before you go, maybe even triple check it. Take a look at the map and figure out where the turns are — WRITE THEM DOWN!!! (You won’t be able to do it on your phone mid-race or while you’re lost…I’ve tried.) It sucks hard when you get lost, especially if you take a group of skaters with you since you looked like you knew what you were doing…There are turns and people do get lost, so pay attention and know the route.


This speaks for itself. It’s a cardinal sin of the Bomb and isn’t tolerated. It’s also hella illegal in NYC so if you’re seen doing it, it becomes a bad look for everyone. This is a longboard push race…erm flashmob…not ” who can hold onto the taxi race flashmob.”

5. Communicate with other skaters

This goes along with tip Number 1: Stay Aware. While being aware you should also communicate with other skaters to help each other out. See an NYPD road block ahead? Let everyone know. Turn that people might miss? Stop so others can see you. Board coming at someone? Give them a heads up.The more you talk, clap, yell, etc the better and safer the race will be for everyone.

6. Pedestrians

Pedestrians, they are everywhere and of all varieties during the Bomb so you’ve gotta watch out. Getting frustrated and trying to cross the street, trying to get a closer picture, stopped on the side, the cute girl of your dreams that distracts you — you’ve gotta be ready for it all and you’ve gotta be ready to react. Don’t hit the people and be nice to the ones trying to high-five and take your picture, it’s too fun!

7. Check the intersection before blowing through it.

If you’re not a regular city skater take extra precautions when going through intersections. New York has lots of one ways, cars going fast, corners, etc. so before you just blast through an intersection make sure you’re not going to go splat on the grill of a car, either. Again…be aware.

8. CARS!

You’re gonna have to squeeze through them and avoid them because they do not move when you run into them and they hurt like hell when you get hit by them. If you’re skating in the opposite direction of traffic at the beginning make sure you watch out for cars that haven’t stopped yet and for cars coming across the intersections that might not see you (and that you might not see). Cars are not your friends.

9. COPS!!!

I hate to say it but this year it looks like we’ll be going back to working around the NYPD rather than with them. Despite them being super cool and stoking us out by shutting down intersections and escorting us down the entire run, it sounds like this year they’re not as down with the Broadway Bomb going off. Without the distraction of Occupy Wall Street all eyes will be on us, as we’re surely one of the biggest events going down on a calm Saturday afternoon. Police are police and we can’t offer any legal advice whatsoever, so if you find yourself interacting with them use your best judgement.

Do your best to not end up like the poor sucker in the video below, and read our post from last year about HOW TO STEER CLEAR OF TROUBLE WITH THE NYPD (aka avoid being arrested)!!!


This is the most important part of the Bomb and the final major piece to your survival. As long as you have a ton of fun skating with one of the most eclectic groups of skaters you’ll ever meet and don’t end up in cuffs you’ll have one of the best times of your life no matter where in the pack you finish.

Good luck to everyone that’s coming down, stay safe and have fun! Can’t wait to see you all!

UPDATE: Again we’re in no way condoning your participation in this event/flashmob nor are we the event/flashmob organizers. These are common-sense pieces of advice for skating in a city at any time, not just one event.

Video: New Jersey Shredding

Rad East Coast skaters Jordan Billingsley, Josh Wright, Noah Davis, Laura Nocka, Tom Leary, and Connor Bewighouse shred down what appears to be a pretty steep lefty turn.  I got one word to describe this video….BANGER….check it out for sure defiantly worth a watch.  Also keep an eye out for SkateTheEast’s newest member Connor Bewighouse, he’s got that GNAR in him.


Video: Obee Wan gets down

Yo what up internet people. I’m Connor Bewighouse and I’m stoked to be writing for I’ll be here posting videos of East Coast skaters doing what they do best without all the hype. If you shred, and your video gets me stoked, chances are you could be featured on this here blog.  Nuff of that mumbo jumbo non sense, and onto what y’all are really here for.

East coast shredder Chris O’Brien gets in a raw run on a gnarly beast coast run tucked away in the mountains of New York. Chris has a dope, flowy style and if you don’t know who he is, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past few months. Chris recently scooped up a truck sponsor from Buzzed Trucks to go along with his board hookup from Lifelong. When hes not doin’ hoodat stuff with his friends or losing my helmet, Chris is killin’ it sideways.  Check this video out as Chris puts aside the rotation spams for a little  and rages the hills to film this raw run…

While your here and stoked on this kid check out his welcome to the team video for Buzzed Trucks..