NYC to Longboarders: Race or flashmob, you’ll be subject to arrest.

UPDATE: More and more information keeps coming out about the event and the legal proceedings surrounding the Bomb and while it was still somewhat vague as to how serious this all was, but it’s now becoming quite clear. Thanks to the entire injunction being posted online it’s pretty clear to anyone that reads it that if you’ve registered to participate in the Bomb in any capacity, either Facebook or NCDSA, and are at the former rally point on a skateboard you’re subject yourself to arrest. You can check the document out for yourself, they took screenshots of the Facebook event, registration page, etc. so be aware that if you are arrested, they’ll probably have clear evidence against you. Check it out for yourself, sounds like things have really escalated beyond what anyone previously was reporting. Once again we are not organizing any events or meetups, simply reporting the facts as they come about. 

If you’ve been following along closely, you’re well aware that the Broadway Bomb has been officially cancelled by its organizer, Ian Nichols, and that many people are planning alternate events/meet-ups in its stead (note: we aren’t organizing any of these but have seen many popping up on Facebook). As I mentioned in an earlier post, the size of event and number of participants make it biggest thing happening in NYC this weekend, focusing all of the City’s attention and resources on the former race route.

It’s been getting a lot of attention from news sources, both local and national, such as WCBS, The New York Times, and The Gothamist (who ran a link to our story about last year’s Bomb), leading to lots of confusion and a lot of people asking, “What’s the deal?”

The Gothamist appeared to do the best at outlining what the City has said which boils down to: no matter what you call it, flashmob or race, if you’re participating Saturday you could face arrest. The City’s Law Department released a statement to address the growing number of questions about what exactly the summons that Ian Nichols received which ended with:

 “The Court, in granting the City’s application, has required the race organizers to notify the participants that neither the Broadway Bomb race, nor any substitute race and/or flash mob, will occur and that the participants in any such event will be subject to arrest.”

That’s the first time we’ve seen that the flashmob was expressly prohibited as well. Looks like the city has put its foot down and said: no matter what you call it, we don’t want this happening. From the massive response on Facebook, however, it’s not clear how effective the City has been at deterring people from participating or communicating exactly what will happen if a flashmob does occur. (see update above)

No matter what though, NYC skaters have been vocal on Facebook about making sure that if you’re in the City and on a skateboard that you be polite, obedient, and not ruin the lengths they’ve come to promote a positive image of the sport. They basically keep saying, “Don’t be THAT guy that ruins skating in NYC for us.”

We’ll be watching to see what happens at noon tomorrow and will keep you updated accordingly.


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