Video: Obee Wan gets down

Yo what up internet people. I’m Connor Bewighouse and I’m stoked to be writing for I’ll be here posting videos of East Coast skaters doing what they do best without all the hype. If you shred, and your video gets me stoked, chances are you could be featured on this here blog.  Nuff of that mumbo jumbo non sense, and onto what y’all are really here for.

East coast shredder Chris O’Brien gets in a raw run on a gnarly beast coast run tucked away in the mountains of New York. Chris has a dope, flowy style and if you don’t know who he is, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past few months. Chris recently scooped up a truck sponsor from Buzzed Trucks to go along with his board hookup from Lifelong. When hes not doin’ hoodat stuff with his friends or losing my helmet, Chris is killin’ it sideways.  Check this video out as Chris puts aside the rotation spams for a little  and rages the hills to film this raw run…

While your here and stoked on this kid check out his welcome to the team video for Buzzed Trucks..

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