Video: Tom Slays Boston

Once again, I’m here to post a new video from Tom Leary but this time, he’s SLAYING the streets of Boston. The VX1000 fisheye footage combined with Tom’s stylish skateboard maneuvers equates to one super dope edit. Whether he is skating sideways or skating ledges, Tom is ALWAYS doing it right. Watch him get down n’ derty in his new video for Nelson Longboards.


New Video: 2012 Recap

As 2012 comes to a close Henry had the awesome idea to create a dank recap edit using the best parts of our best edits from 2012. The result is a fast paced, fun video edited by Henry with additional post work by Erik Mingo. Despite filming most of it, I was even surprised at a few parts and was so amped at the end. It’s a good showcase of the progression we’ve made in just a year, and has motivated us to take it to another level in 2013.

I’m really am so stoked on the result and really couldn’t be much happier. 2012 was a breakout year for us and allowed us to produce some dank videos, photos, articles and everything in between for you guys; we couldn’t be more optimistic for the future. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the support! Don’t sleep on us cause there’s so much more to come!

Cheers to a great 2012 and an even better 2013! EAST COAST ALL DAY BABY!

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Video: Tom Leary Gets Wide and Meaty with Eric Roth

Tom Leary got some new camera gear for Christmas which means great things for you and I, since his videos are bound to only get better and better. He got together with Eric Roth before the snow decided to ruin our fun for a little and filmed a fun as hell little edit featuring the prototype Nelson Longboards DK. Eric is entertaining as always bringing the heat with his usual steezey checks and hitting a dope gap that looks all too fun. Check it out and show some love.

UPDATE: Graham Fedderson was also there. Check out his Lego Crane review.

– Mike

Video: Nyack Session

The other day a couple o’ homies met up in Nyack, NY to shred some of Schuyler True’s home hills. We skated this steep straight at first, lurked for a little, then hit this fun spot with some pins and some fun features on the side. It was definitely one of better sessions I’ve had in a good minute. This video no where near does the session justice, although it has its fair share of bangers. Shout out to all the bros that made it out and a special shout to Josh Wright for letting me thrash his jank pile of a skateboard for a little and for the dad sponsorship, you da shit.


Video: OMG Tom Leary and Norm Plante Doggied-Out

Team Doggied-Out decided to move on from their beef with LBDR and set up a YouTube account of their own to make some doggied-out edits and show the world what the most #exclusive group of longboarders is all about. Made up of too many riders to name — from the East Coast, No-Coast, West Coast and various sovereign nations — TDO has been making a splash in recent weeks, fueled much in part to the hideous edits and gnarly riding being produced by various members. We’ve posted some DoggiedOut videos in the past (and even produced one ourselves) and will be continuing to support the steeze in the future.

Norman Plante has returned to the Northeast for a few weeks while on winter break, and teamed up with Tom Leary to once again make some Holliston, MA madness.

Safety Meeting: Certified vs. Non-Certified Helmets

Alright folks, gather ’round for an actual safety meeting…about safety. There’s a lot of mystery and debate in the world of helmets about what’s adequate. We all know that the certified, hard foam helmets are ideal, but anything will do…right? Not the case, as the Athlete Recovery Fund so bluntly shows us in their video (below).


In it they travel over to Easton-Bell’s testing facility and show the difference between a certified and non-certified helmet, the results are pretty shocking. The performance of a non-certified helmet is so poor that it’ll produce lethal results at a fall from 1m — only half the height they usually use to certify helmets. In it the tests showed an impact of 816 g’s in the non-certified helmet and something like 135 in the certified helmet, anything below 300 g’s is considered to be non-life threatening. You might walk away a little concussed, but you won’t die. 816 to 136 — that’s a huge, huge difference. It’s life or death, no two ways around it. As Jake Wade of Team Tangy said, “I may as well be wearing a hat, at least I look better in one.” While I still think there’s more value in a non-certified helmet than that, it does make you think twice about what you’re putting on your lid.

What do you want to look for when shopping, then? CPSC certification is the government standard for helmet safety, and is the logo or fact you want to look for when purchasing your new lid. In order to attain CPSC certification, no more than 300 g’s can be produced in a drop from 3.3-6.6 feet. In some cases it can be even less. That means you’ll walk away from the fall with a concussion at the worst — much better than death, brain bleeding, TBI’s, etc. If you don’t see CPSC, look for it’s equivalent but less used certification, ASTM F1447.

I have to admit, I knew that non-certified helmets weren’t as safe as the hard-foam certified versions, but didn’t ever think that the results were this dramatic. I took a big fall and smacked my head hard with a non-certified helmet, and am now even more thankful than ever that I walked away just fine. Bottom line? Pick a certified helmet up. I’m going to buy a new one ASAP and suggest you do too. It’s just not worth risking a traumatic brain injury (TBI), paralysis, or death. 90% of traumatic brain injuries that result in death are preventable, so use your head and protect it properly. Visit the NOBI Foundation and Helmets in Hands for more statistics and information.

Did you know the differences between helmets was so stark? Sound off in the comments below.


I stray away from the east coast again to bring you TDO shredder, Macca Pettersson, fuckin’ killin’ it with style. Homie gets doggied the fuck out in this vid. Check it out..

P.S. Macca is only 12 years old….