2012 Comet Skateboards Guest Models

I’m a little late to the party on this one but figured it’d be wrong to not show our east coast brothas at Comet some love by making sure everyone has seen the two dope guest models they released in recent weeks. Both boards look like an insanely good time and have some of the most legendary graphics I’ve seen.

Noah Sakamoto Guest Model

First up is the Noah Sakamoto Guest Model. Designed with a flowy, freeride style of skating in mind, the Skatamoto GM features a fully functional nose and tail as well as a tapered midsection while maintaining enough of a foot platform to give you the added confidence to take it to the next level. It comes in at 35″ long making it manageable in all situations and infinitely fun. Check out the video they produced for it below and peep the blog post at Comet to learn more and read an interview with Noah.

Comet // Noah Sakamoto Guest Model from Comet Skateboards on Vimeo.

Marcus Bandy’s “Sheer Rad Occurrence” Guest Model

The second guest model that Comet has released this year is the Marcus Brandy “Sheer Rand Occurrence.” For those of you who are unfamiliar with Marcus, he’s an OG westcoast skater who made a name for himself as a professional street skater and all around rad dude. These days he’s the publisher of Wheelbase Magazine, still skating harder than you, and still being a rad dude.

The Sheer Rad Occurrence is inspired by street skating along side shredding pools and skating winding roads, the SRO helps to blend disciplines of skateboarding just like the man himself has done. The SRO features a longer wheelbase than you’d usually find on a street deck, allowing for added stability without loss of pop. It’s got two wheelbase options, the inner for Indy 149s and the outer for Paris or Caliber trucks for options on how you want to shred this bad boy. The overall wider foot platform and teardrop design are reminiscent of the  pool boards of the 80s and also allows for added confidence when you take to the hills. The wheel wells were designed to minimize the possibility of wheelbite with either TKP or RKP trucks and the fat nose allows you to get real nasty with noseblunts, noseslides, etc.

Again you can peep the Comet blog for more info and check the dope video Comet produced for the Sheer Rad Occurrence, featuring none other than Marcus Bandy himself.

Comet // Marcus Bandy Guest Model from Comet Skateboards on Vimeo.

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