Video: Attack Of The Groms….Noah Wintman Shreds

There has recently been a large increase in grom population around the Western Mass region as well as entire east coast. Personally, I love the groms, as long as they got some good vibes, aren’t focusing on the wrong things and aren’t blowing the spots. Groms got good energy and they push the limits. Noah Wintman is one of Western Mass’s gnarliest groms and this video defiantly deserves some attention.

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Video: Kyle Kay Raw


Kyle Kay has been raging the mountains of the east coast for longer than almost anyone else in the Appalachian Mountain region.  He shreds hard and fast, with no f*cks given.  This videos got an extremely gnarly mountain run with some steep hairpins, that he just flies through. If you were sleeping on Rusty Shackleford, wake up cause he’s charging harder than ever.

– Henry

Video: Bernar Guimarães from Brazil Rips It

While we don’t stray far off the East Coast when we post videos, we’re making an exception, especially since you already probably watched that dank from G-Fed.

[Brazilian accent] This Brazilian dude sent me this video on the Facebook thing the today and I couldn’t resist to show some love because this shit was dank. Can never go wrong with some wobwobwob in your skate edits every once in a while. Kudos brudda. Bernar Guimarães on the skate and Victor Kerr on the film/edit.

– Connor and Mike