Video: Skatesgiving Does Soldiers of Downhill 2012

While record numbers of people flocked to New York City in October for the Broadway Bomb, another set of shredders headed out to Ohio to take place in one of the fastest races in the country, Soldiers of Downhill. The race course is gnarly and makes for some absolutely epic racing. This year the Skatesgiving 2012 crew made Soldiers part of their trip, and I couldn’t be more thankful. The East Coast’s own, Brian Peck, along with McLovin and Gabe took the the camera, displaying some smoooooth steadicam action and great camera angles; as always, Matt K kills the edit. Give it a peep and let us know what you think in the comments.


Photos: Norm and Francis Storm Malibu

There’s a cool company from Cali called “Valhalla Longboards” who are currently supporting two east coast skaters, Norman Plante and Francis Cooper Darquea. Their crew grabbed a camera and flocked to some beautiful Malibu roads and captured some really rad shots. Check out Valhalla on their Facebook page and follow this link for the rest of the photos captured that day:



Video: Dean Keller Shreds

I’m going a little out of my jurisdiction with this one, but I just had to throw the homies at Phat Deanz some love. Dean Keller is the raddest. Whether its selling top notch gear at dirt cheap prices, or housing 30+ skaters and taking us all to his runs on race weekends, Dean is always supporting skateboarding. Dean ripped on vert ramps before I was born, and now, at the tender age of 49, Dean still shreds. Watch him tear down some harrisburg hills, and check out Phat Deanz on Facebook or at for some rad deals!


G-Form’s G90 Case Turns Your iPhone Into a Full Blown Extreme Sports Camera

Don’t have an extra $300 to plunk down for that fancy new GoPro Hero 3 but already have an iPhone 5? You’re gonna  love this, because the fine folks over at G-Form (shout out our man Mike Girard) got your back. G-Form has gone to the next level and combined their unreal impact absorption technology, already present in sports pads and electronics cases, with some new optics to turn your iPhone into a certified extreme sports point-of-view (POV) camera. It’s shock “resistant” (they’ve dropped iPhones/iPads from space with G-Form cases, that means shock proof to me) and fully water proof. Yeah…this could be a #gamechanger.


The press release gives us a lot of juicy info about the G90 including what to expect from it as a camera:

G-form’s patent pending technology allows smartphones or iPods to take images at a 90° angle while mounted flat.  The same technology also allows the lens of the device to simultaneously increase the field of view to capture all the action in a 140º wide angle format.   The G90 case attaches to almost any surface and offers both a full waterproof enclosure and skeletal back.  The case can aerodynamically adhere to a helmet, skateboard, surfboard, bike handlebar and more making it far less intrusive than any sports action camera on the market. The G90 is even capable of taking video from the underside of a skateboard where no other sports action camera can go.

The key here is that with the G90, G-Form has introduced one of the thinnest HD POV sports action cameras on the market. The G90 gives you a 140˚ field of vision, which ends up being about 40˚ less than the GoPro, a significant amount at the end of the day. That being said, the weight, added features, and low profile of the G90 put it almost in a class of its own.

While we’ve been mostly talking about the iPhone 5, we should be clear that the newest iPod Touch and Samsung S4 will also have support right at launch, with other devices to come later.

They’re expected to be on the market in June of 2013 so you’ll have to wait just a little longer before you can actually get your hands on it although I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.


Video: Ryland and Jeremy Play Skateboards

Peep an edit of Ryland Bates and Jeremy Fischer playing with their skateboards in New York. Ryland is one of the nicest, chillest kids I’ve ever met, not to mention brotha can get hella stylish on his skateyboardey thingy.
Also, remember to support your local skate shops because without them, skateboarding would be entirely run by corporate fucks solely in it for money. If your fiending for some new skate gear be sure to check in at your local shop to see if they have it stock before buying from some random online warehouse.

Loaded Boards Kanthaka Review

What seems like wayyyy back in late November, Loaded Boards announced what the industry had been waiting to hear for so long: the freeride/downhill board that had been, the Chubby Unicorn, was here. There was another announcement that day that didn’t receive as much fanfare but managed to turn heads nonetheless: Loaded’s first true double-kick (DK) ripper, the Kanthaka.

The Kanthaka comes in two width flavors, 8.625in and 8.875in, which we tested for the review. The length measures at a nice and comfortable 36” with a 17.5” wheelbase, meaning you’ve got some meaty 7.5” symmetrical kicktails to give you some gnarly pop without ever thinking twice about whether you’re riding the tail or nose. Of course, Loaded also went ahead and created a dope new pseudo-MC Escher inspired graphic (which has held up surprisingly well to board slides) that’s sure to draw some second-looks. We road the Kanthaka with Indy 169 trucks and Bones Hard Hardcore bushings but you can also ride Paris 155’s, or an equivalent, if you’re feeling like some RKP love.

As you’ve no doubt come to expect from Loaded, the Kanthaka sports some unique features that haven’t found their way to other DK boards of this size and shape. For starters, Loaded’s penchant for durability is evidenced in the Kanthaka’s bamboo construction as well as the addition of a carbon fiber layer on both the nose and tail, for extra abrasion resistance.

kanthaka2The Kanthaka also sports an elliptical concave as well as some super subtle rocker which when combined, make for a sturdy and comfortable standing platform whether you’re sliding or riding street/pool/park, etc. Much like the Chubby Unicorn, integrated wheel-well flares made their way to the Kanthaka, helping to fully form pockets between the tails and the bolts to lock your feet in when sliding.

While at first I wasn’t sure how much I’d like the wheel wells when not skating down hills I found them to actually help a little in the park, giving a little extra feedback so you always know where your feet are on the deck, something most people aren’t used to on a street deck. The deck also has a surprising amount of pop to it, making big ollies a breeze.


Overall we’re pleased with the Kanthaka. It took some getting used to since it’s different in many respects to other boards in similar sizes and shapes, but in the end we were shredding it and had a great time. The biggest complaint we heard from people was that the pockets felt a bit odd at first and took some getting used to; but once we adjusted our stance accordingly we tended to not think about it. While I think there’s room for some minor improvements with the flares, like making them slightly less aggressive, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. The Kanthaka is extremely versatile and can hold its own whether you’re bombing through city streets, hitting hills, or going to the park – a Swiss army knife of skate decks. We’re excited to see Loaded bring some more innovation and style to the short wheelbase DK game and know the Kanthaka will make for a very versatile addition to anyone’s quiver.


Skate The East Welcomes Jake Wade!

Since the title doesn’t leave much to the imagination we’ll just come out and say it, we want to give a warm welcome to our buddy Jake Wade, who will be joining our editorial team. Jake’s primary responsibility will be to rejuvenate our long-slacking Events coverage, making sure you know when events on the east are coming up and the details you need.

Jake is one of the gnarliest shredders we have up here in the Northeast, and has made quite a name for himself with his channel on YouTube as part of Team Tangy. You’ve also seen him in various edits on our YouTube account and most recently at the end of our Loaded Chubby Unicorn review.

We’re super super stoked to have him as part of the staff and can’t wait to start bringing you the details of events that are coming up this season!



So the question now becomes, how do you get an event your planning posted to Skate The East? Simple, hit up Jake’s “work e-mail” at and include:

  • Names of the people hosting the event
  • Facebook event link or website
  • Location, date, and time
  • Entry fee and registration details
  • Whether it’s outlaw or sanctioned
  • Any other details. Parking, any other instructions you might have, etc.
  • Way so that we can contact you in case we have questions (won’t be posted unless it’s also for registration details)
  • .PNG or .JPG of your event’s flyer.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have all of these details in your e-mail, don’t expect the event to get posted.


Video: Brian Peck Chills the Pace

When a new Skatesgiving video comes out it’s automatically a good day, when it involves our good buddy Brian Peck, it’s even better. Brian is an east coast OG and one of the gnarliest skaters I know, both on the hill and in the park, and always manages to keep sessions fun and chill. Brian takes to what looks like an epicly fun and chill run in the Carolinas to show that while charging runs full steam is always fun, sometimes you gotta chill the pace back, relax a little, and get some good ole casual crusisn’.