G-Form’s G90 Case Turns Your iPhone Into a Full Blown Extreme Sports Camera

Don’t have an extra $300 to plunk down for that fancy new GoPro Hero 3 but already have an iPhone 5? You’re gonna  love this, because the fine folks over at G-Form (shout out our man Mike Girard) got your back. G-Form has gone to the next level and combined their unreal impact absorption technology, already present in sports pads and electronics cases, with some new optics to turn your iPhone into a certified extreme sports point-of-view (POV) camera. It’s shock “resistant” (they’ve dropped iPhones/iPads from space with G-Form cases, that means shock proof to me) and fully water proof. Yeah…this could be a #gamechanger.


The press release gives us a lot of juicy info about the G90 including what to expect from it as a camera:

G-form’s patent pending technology allows smartphones or iPods to take images at a 90° angle while mounted flat.  The same technology also allows the lens of the device to simultaneously increase the field of view to capture all the action in a 140º wide angle format.   The G90 case attaches to almost any surface and offers both a full waterproof enclosure and skeletal back.  The case can aerodynamically adhere to a helmet, skateboard, surfboard, bike handlebar and more making it far less intrusive than any sports action camera on the market. The G90 is even capable of taking video from the underside of a skateboard where no other sports action camera can go.

The key here is that with the G90, G-Form has introduced one of the thinnest HD POV sports action cameras on the market. The G90 gives you a 140˚ field of vision, which ends up being about 40˚ less than the GoPro, a significant amount at the end of the day. That being said, the weight, added features, and low profile of the G90 put it almost in a class of its own.

While we’ve been mostly talking about the iPhone 5, we should be clear that the newest iPod Touch and Samsung S4 will also have support right at launch, with other devices to come later.

They’re expected to be on the market in June of 2013 so you’ll have to wait just a little longer before you can actually get your hands on it although I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.


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