Ithaca Hill Jam – April 27

ithaca jam flyer 2013

When: April 26-28th
Where: Top of Buffalo St. (at Eddy St.) in Ithaca, NY

One of the East Coast’s biggest events is back for 2013! Comet Skateboards is putting on what’s sure to be a rad weekend of skateboarding. In addition to the main event on Saturday the 27th, there will be a fundraiser/bowl session at DIY spot on friday afternoon, and an outlaw race on Sunday. Location on the race will be announced at a later date, however inside sources are telling me this is a pretty burly course at around 45mph with some tight corners. For those who weren’t at the event last year (myself included), this is definitely not one to miss. With the slide jam hill closed off to traffic, the guys at Comet will have plenty of freedom to build gnarly obstacles without any worries about the law interrupting our fun. If ramps aren’t your thing, the slide jam hill is steep enough for everyone to have fun on.

– Jake

Check some of the gnarly videos by Comet and the Skate Invaders of last year’s epic Ithaca Slide Jam.

A Loaded February: New Loaded and Orangatang Products

With their two huge product releases around the holidays last year we expected things to be quiet at Loaded until just before the 2013 season kicked into full gear, if at all this year.cooking_morongas Instead, the guys in sunny southern California decided to hit us with another 1-2 product release punch by first dropping the new Orangatang freeride wheel, named the Moronga, and following it up last week with the announcement of their new Advanced Freeride Glove.

Last winter Orangatang made waves by announcing their first centerset freeride wheel, the Balut. With their big, centerset, and exposed spoked core, new urethane formula, and unique size, the Baluts were extremely different from Orangatang’s established line-up and quickly became a favorite freeride wheel for many. As riders began using the Baluts for much faster speeds and bigger slides than originally imagined, Otang started taking note of what was and wasn’t working and went right back to the kitchen to cook something new up. The result is their new freeride wheel, dubbed the Moronga. The Morongas are using the same urethane introduced with the Baluts, known as Euphorethane, and feature a completely symmetrical shape and centerset bearing seat, meaning you can flip them any which way to ensure an even wear. They feature a narrow 35mm contact patch and the same 72.5mm height found on the Balut, making them very easy to break into a slide and predictable the entire way through. morongas_on_chubbyThey are built on the same core as the Balut, making them lightweight while ensuring a long and even wear, but addressed the issue of cores popping out of the wheels by pouring urethane all the way around the core (see update below). This also allowed for what may be the biggest change with the Morongas: the new lip profile. Much sharper and more defined than the Balut lip, Orangatang took extra care to ensure that the lip profile is maintained through the life of the entire wheel. This is accomplished in the way that the lip blends back down and into the bearing seat and is something we’ll explain more in depth in our upcoming first look and review. I’m excited to get to know them a little more and report back on what we think in the near future. You can find them at shops all over for around $55.

UPDATE: I actually got a chance to clarify this point with Kyle Chin over at Loaded. The reality is, while there has been lots of talk about cores popping out on the Baluts, there have only actually been a few recorded cases. As it goes, the internet tends to make things a bit more extreme. The real reason for the redesign was to create for the new lip profile and size when approaching a DH/freeride wheel.


With the both Chubby Unicorn and Moronga releases it’s clear that Loaded is focused on upping their freeride game, something they reaffirmed yet again with their announcement of the Advanced Freeride Gloves. Gloves are a piece of gear that rarely get much love, but can make a difference in how comfortable you are on the hill and how confident you feel when putting a hand down. Loaded currently makes two glove options, the Freeride Glove and their Race Glove. The Freeride Glove is my personal favorite glove for any discipline of skating. I’ve rocked the last two versions of them and haven’t been able to find another glove that can match the breathability and support. Their main issue, however, is due to the fact that they’re almost all cloth. Because of this they’re susceptible to much more wear and tear from accidentally putting fingers down, crashes, and grip tape than leather alternatives. The Race Glove is a much beefier alternative that features a leather construction and carbon fibre knuckle protection. They look nice and provide the protection you want when going fast in an unpredictable downhill environment, but don’t breath very well for the casual rider on the hill for extended periods of time. loaded_AFG_pictureEnter the Advanced Freeride Gloves (AFGs). Designed as a middle-ground between the two gloves, the AFGs are made of premium leather and feature a Coolmax Fabric lining which wicks sweat away from your skin to keep your hands drier and cooler than they would be otherwise. They also have a fair-sized mesh patch on the back of the hand to allow for added ventilation. They’ve also got some additional padding not found in the Freeride Gloves, especially over the knuckles, for those unpredictable moments that you find yourself pulling a Superman through the air with no clear idea of how you’ll be landing. To top it all off these gloves actually look really sharp (and we all know style points increase your skating ability more than anything else, so make sure your swagger is right). They’re retailing for $68.00 and will be available through retailers on Tuesday, February 26th.

Dane Webber, photo credit to Loaded.

Video: Eric Roth does G-Form and Skate The East

I’ve been waiting for this video to drop since Eric and Tom filmed it. Eric slays some fast and gnarly 360’s and the accoutrement is absolutely killer. To top it all off this is one of the best edited videos I’ve seen from Tom, implementing some next level techniques and showcasing the fact that he’s really begun stepping his production levels up.

Also — can you see Eric’s G-Form pads holding him back at all? That’s what we thought. Look for our video review in the near future.


Video: TuTone Butterface

Andriy Dash

Andriy Dash gettin blunted

As some of you may already know, Anton Milioti is the owner Tutone Skateboards. For those of you who don’t, Anton and TuTone have been reppin’ the dirty Jers and the East coast hard as FUCK over the years and in my opinion, don’t get nearly enough attention as they truly deserve. Anton threw down the initial three NJ Slide Jams that, for a good sum of those who attended, sparked a real interest in the community. After the jam hill received some unneeded attention from the fuzz on several occasions, NJ Slide Jam 4 was organized by Tyler Hill soon after. For me, NJ #4 was the start to it all. (Photos from the jam.. subpar photography by yours truly)

Pat Schep, in attendance

Pat Schep, in attendance

Even though I was injured and couldn’t skate, it got me so stoked to see all these shredders from all over relentlessly ripping in the snow. Seeing dudes like Jeremy Ross, Josh Wright, Dylan Headly, Steve Kong, Andriy Dash, and many many more OG skaters made me realize that these guys have a fucking cool thing going on, and I couldn’t sit on the sidelines and watch the whole time. So a big hats off, and thank you to Anton and Tyler for indirectly getting me involved in something that would drastically change my life for the better.

… Oh yeah, I almost forgot to write about the video.
This here series of moving pictures showcases what TuTone will be releasing in the near future. Spoiler alert: It’s a board called the “Butterface”, a 37 inch deck featuring a sweetass kick tail. Watch as John Crowe rips through a rad tranny oriented park on the Butterface — not an easy task on a 37 in. skateboard.


Video: GMR vs. Team Mids

Some of the original Team Mids members packed their skate van up and headed west for the winter to discover what all the hype was about. Ben DeSnyder was already out there doing some covert spy work going to school and scamming runs on the regular and took the reigns on the camera so that Pete Laugh, Stephan Kaiter-Snyder, Tryan George, East Coast Mac , Francis Cooper Darquea and Kai Salam could put in some work and get midsy on GMR. We weren’t keeping score, but it definitely looked like Team Mids won.

Score so far: Team Mids: 1      West Coast: 0


Metro Wheel Co and Skate The East Give-Away!


Alright folks, our new give-away is here! We teamed up with Metro Wheel Co. to give away their new, dank freeride wheel, the Metro Links. It’s simple, all you have to do to win is:

1. Like Skate The East on Facebook

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3. Like our post to be entered! Also share it with your friends to help spread the word.

We’ll draw 3 winners for the Metro Links wheels, Skate The East Dank Tank, and sticker packs on Feburary 9th, so stay tuned for the winner!

Go check out what Metro has cookin’ on their website!