Video: TuTone Butterface

Andriy Dash

Andriy Dash gettin blunted

As some of you may already know, Anton Milioti is the owner Tutone Skateboards. For those of you who don’t, Anton and TuTone have been reppin’ the dirty Jers and the East coast hard as FUCK over the years and in my opinion, don’t get nearly enough attention as they truly deserve. Anton threw down the initial three NJ Slide Jams that, for a good sum of those who attended, sparked a real interest in the community. After the jam hill received some unneeded attention from the fuzz on several occasions, NJ Slide Jam 4 was organized by Tyler Hill soon after. For me, NJ #4 was the start to it all. (Photos from the jam.. subpar photography by yours truly)

Pat Schep, in attendance

Pat Schep, in attendance

Even though I was injured and couldn’t skate, it got me so stoked to see all these shredders from all over relentlessly ripping in the snow. Seeing dudes like Jeremy Ross, Josh Wright, Dylan Headly, Steve Kong, Andriy Dash, and many many more OG skaters made me realize that these guys have a fucking cool thing going on, and I couldn’t sit on the sidelines and watch the whole time. So a big hats off, and thank you to Anton and Tyler for indirectly getting me involved in something that would drastically change my life for the better.

… Oh yeah, I almost forgot to write about the video.
This here series of moving pictures showcases what TuTone will be releasing in the near future. Spoiler alert: It’s a board called the “Butterface”, a 37 inch deck featuring a sweetass kick tail. Watch as John Crowe rips through a rad tranny oriented park on the Butterface — not an easy task on a 37 in. skateboard.


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