5 Things You NEED On A Skate Trip

In the past three years I have been on many amazing skate trips with awesome people. From my experiences here is a list of five things you do NOT want to forget on a skate trip. As summer approaches I hope everyone gets to go out and skate a new location outside of town! I also hope this little list can help some of you on your travels!

1) Extra Headphones

brokenheadphoneIf you are like me, you usually listen to music when you skate. I’ve always got headphones in when I skate… This probably stems from my roots of always skating alone. Now I totally prefer to skate with music as the tunes I’m listening to translates into the way I skate whether it be my speed, style, line etc.. Music is pretty important to me and once you get on a skate trip is always the perfect time for your headphones to break for the most random reasons… It sucks to not have headphones a couple of days so I always am sure to pack an extra set.

2)  Extra Wheels

extrawheels_metroSeems like a super obvious thing… But I’ve definitely been on trips where some kids wears down his only set of wheels and is then complaining the whole trip about not having wheels or having to have bought some new ones etc. Its always good not to be that kid… Or you can be like me (I guess this may be a bit OCD) But I love to break in my wheels before the trip. While I’m breaking in the wheels I dream about the trip and then when I’m on the trip I feel like gold when I’ve got three sets of just broken in wheels to skate on whatever gnarly hills I’m skating with my friend, or trying to film or whatever.

3) Extra Clothes

clothesI’m not suggesting that you are a diva but instead I’m suggesting you shred and will probably be skating many hours a day… to then sit in a car full of other people who have been skating for hours… this creates some awful smell. And sometimes there just isn’t enough time for showers like there should be. ALWAYS bring some extra clothes.. It sucks to feel like your packing too much but after a skate session you will most likely want a pair of fresh clothes to change into and on so many trips I’ve been on theres someone who doesn’t have enough clothes and smells really bad… Never expect laundry to be an option on a skate trip… It would be nice but it hardly ever happens to be able to do laundry on a skate trip.. So just bring extra clean clothes.

4) First Aid

First Aid KitSounds simple and obvious and maybe even a bit lame of me to put in this article. But seriously safety becomes more important on trips. If you get hurt on a skate trip your going to be waaay more upset than you would be if it happened on home where you can then recovery and watch netflix for a few days. I’ve gotten hurt during three or four skate trips and only one of them I was hurt badly enough to not be able to skate the rest of the trip. So be sure to have a little first aid kit of bandages or whatever. But more importantly make sure if you have ever hurt an ankle or knee or anything to have an extra brace with you. My ankles have been hurt before but Im able to skate without my ankle brace most the time.. But a lot of time when I get on trips skating a new hill is when I will tweak my ankle again and sprain it.. If I have a brace usually I can throw that on and skate again… And if I were even smarter I would wear my ankle brace before I am hurt as prevention (Which is what I will totally do on my next trip! Because on my last trip I re injured my ankle badly enough to not be able to skate the rest of the trip! I wasn’t wearing my ankle brace and hurt my ankle at the beginning of the trip… I was bummed.)

5) Melatonin

melatoninThis may also sound a bit lame and maybe not manly enough or whatever but this stuff is awesome. Melatonin is an all natural sleep aid which doesn’t make you fall asleep like nyquill or benadryl.. It actually just helps your brain get right to deep sleep when you fall asleep. This means whatever your sleep will be you will make the most of it whether it be a full 8 hour sleep or a 2 hour sleep.. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a skate trip when I’ve had even a semi normal sleeping pattern so bringing some melatonin definitely helps me alot. I’m not a big vitamin person and I hate pills but melatonin works really well and as a person who loves to sleep I recommend it because chances are whether your just going on a skate trip with your friends two hours away or flying across the country to race or film you probably won’t be getting much rest. A good sleep will help you feel better… This will also make the people around you feel better and not to mention besides being able to enjoy yourself better you will also be able to skate better.

Do you agree? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section below!

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