5 Ways to Beat the Heat While Skating

5. Lurk hard.

lurkWhen it’s too hot to skate, lurk. Let the little ones run amuck and tucker themselves out as you sit on the sidelines sipping some cool beverages and shooting the shit. When it finally cools off later and the hill has cleared you can enjoy that golden hour skate and still have enough energy to find a park that’s lit at night for afterward.

Lurk the East, Rep the East, Skate the East. Got any more tips? Comment below and let us know what they are! 


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  1. Other cooling tips are:
    6. Wear lighter colors While everyone wants to rock their new black AC/DC concert T-shirt, a better idea might be to take a cue from the Plain White Tees. Lighter colors reflect heat while dark colors absorb it.
    7. Pass on the skinny jeans. Loose fitting clothes allow more air flow and cooling as well as offer more freedom of movement.
    8. By all means, shred with a helmet, but then, when not actively on a run, shed that lid. This kinda goes back to the #s 6 and 7. Let heat escape your body, and the place it does that best is through your head.
    Skate safe, skate cool!

  2. > Tips to keep cool while shredding!
    > 1. Drink Water
    > 2. Stay in the shade
    > 3. Stop shredding

    Uhh, thanks… I guess.