Bustin’ China

Bustin' China

I’m super stoked on the new video from Bustin’ Boards, Bustin’ China. The Brooklyn-based board company sent two of its riders, Bruno and Toti, along with cameraman Perropro to explore China for 5 weeks using their skateboards and public transportation. I expected Bustin’ China to be  good, but the end result got me way more amped than I expected.

The skating was a super fun mix of both street and freeride, with a little bit of downhill mixed in. Besides the ill skating and stellar scenery, one of the most fun aspects was watching the reactions of the pedestrians, who clearly have little to no exposure with longboarding. The reactions are pretty priceless, one guy even ends up kicking either Bruno or Toti while riding his bike…I’m still trying to figure out exactly why he thought that was a good idea…

Anyway, check it out and let us know what you think. The official description I got from Bustin’ is below:

Bustin recently embarked on our biggest video project ever. We asked Bustin Team riders Bruno Sorondo and Toti Bicicleta and film maker Perropro, where would you go if you had a full month to explore a country using nothing but your board and public transportation? The answer was undeniable:  China. With such a unique culture and landscape which has been relatively unexplored in the world of longboarding we decided to send the three man Spanish crew to travel across China for 5 weeks. Skating and filming in some of the most majestic and eclectic spots on the planet.  Bruno and Toti;  Part traveling freak show, part skate apostles, please enjoy and share their journey through the old and the new of China is captured here by the genius of Perropro.

Bustin’ China Give-Away

Ohhhh yeah, before I forget: to celebrate the release, Bustin’ is giving away 23 Bruno Pro Model Yofaces! It’s pretty simple to win, head over to their website and subscribe to their YouTube, share the contest, and subscribe to their mailing list and you’ll be entered for a chance to win. You can do it all right on their site, so it’s easier than it sounds. Check it out and enter ASAP!

Bustin' China Give Away!

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